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  1. Suburb of Albany, NY
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There are random break-ins, but there are no violent crimes in the area.
It is a nice small town area where everybody knows their neighbors. There are many shops within walking area with more opening up. Neighbors are nice and always willing to give a helping hand.
No vacant or abandoned properties... everything is regulated and made sure to look uniform and nice. No rental apartments in this neighborhood only homeowners.
It's a great place for kids to grow up. Very pet and old people friendly. Many neighborhood events throughout the year including parades and bbq's. Typical white picket-fence type of community you see in tv shows.
Extremely safe neighborhood but there are always exceptions when kids from other neighborhoods come by and destruct the peace.
A good suburban area for kids to grow up and attend a competitive and academically challenging school. Property/School taxes too high otherwise. Moved away for this reason.
Great people to live with and around. Mostly doctors and lawyers.
Love it, Delmar / Bethlehem are great!!!!
Quite town, not a lot to do but there are store and restaurants around
My neighborhood is very friendly and i would assume the rest of the area is similar. Most houses have at least one kid so families are usually out on the weekends especially during the summer. We have regular block parties and most everyone attends.
There are not a lot of restaurants in the area and the ones that are here have very similar menus.
As a high school student trying to get a job I have a different outlook than full-time employees. Most jobs around here have very strict hours. It is hard to get a job if you are part of an athletic team or take care of a younger sibling after school like I do.
We have a nice dog park nearby.
Not too much crime going around here!
Pretty snowy, but other than that, fine!
Most stores are often hiring.
Don't really go out too much, but it's not bad.
We have some nice food places and stores around!
The winters are cold, the summers are harsh. Overall a great place
There are a lot of great places to get a bite to eat. Lots of variety
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