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The living expenses in Bethesda is outrageous! I couldn't even afford to rent a one bedroom apartment or studio because it would eat my entire income.
Amazing Schools, Nice neighborhoods, conveniently located near D.C.. A great place to live. Bethesda has tons of great shopping, entertainment, parks, and a wonderful community feel.
Bethesda is one of the most wonderful cities to live in in the Washington DC suburbs, it's very close to downtown D.C. Good public and private schools very diverse and open minded people!
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Bethesda is a safe and fun area with theaters, restaurants, and live music. My only complaint is the high cost of living/rent in the area.
I have loved living in Bethesda. It is a town where you can go out to eat, relax, and always feel safe. This city is a community that is diverse, and provides numerous opportunities for shopping and leisure. I overall can highly recommend this area for families.
What I enjoy the most about Bethesda is its proximity to both the city life but also the suburban/quiet area. Bethesda is right in the middle of DC and Rockville/Gaithersburg area. Not only is Bethesda the ideal location but it also is great in regards to restaurants in entertainment. There are plenty of authentic restaurants in this area, whether you're in the mood for Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc. This amazing area also offers plenty of entertain such as movie theaters and plenty of shops and markets.
The place overall is great and one of the better areas in Maryland, especially in public education. It is a very safe neighborhood, especially the suburbia. People might say that Bethesda is predominantly white and higher-end, meaning a lot of shops and malls in the area are more expensive. This is partially true, though not all places are like that.
Called the "Bethesda bubble" by many. Very snooty suburb of DC. Public schools are claimed to be the best in the country but they still don't compare to the private ones...too bad it costs as much or more than college per year to send your child to them.
Bethesda is an incredibly unique place to grow up. It's great for kids and families but lacks diversity and is filled excessively rich people. I'm lucky to have grown up here, of course, but it's important to get outside of the Bethesda bubble and meet people from other walks of life. Everybody is very liberal and educated. DC traffic sucks, but there's no way to get around that. The homes are outrageously expensive.
Bethesda is a very safe yet expensive place to live. Great food and several bars make many options for night night activities as well. NIH and Walter Reed are both located in Bethesda so many government job opportunist are available as well. You can walk to many places and there is a metro in the downtown area that makes getting into DC and VA very easy.
I grew up in Bethesda and watched its transformation from a sleepy small-town suburb to a thriving, vibrant cultural, shopping, and epicurean center. The variety of cuisines to be found within a mile radius is truly astounding. The Metro station makes it a convenient place to live whether you work in D.C. or further out toward is a wonderful place.
Bethesda is a very wealthy, white neighborhood. Diversity is somewhat limited and that is apparent in any school or extracurricular activity you do. However, it is also relatively safe and a somewhat active community. With downtown Bethesda always busy you can find something to do. That being said, nightlife is relatively low, but to be honest lots of the residents probably like that.
Bethesda is a great city with a great neighbors. Average of the the income per family is around 80,000 which one time stated as one of the highest income city in the United States. Since people earn lots of money, they also do have a high status, normally. People are more generous and gentle on others since they are mostly educated and have a high expectancy to them and over others. Around 60percent are white, 25percent African American, and 15percent Asian. If you come to this area, you may like it, but needs a lots of money. Just living in Bethesda cost a lot for spending properties.
I wish the Place were more diverse. I have been in Bethesda and Rockville Area for over two years now. It's a pretty safe area.
Bethesda is an old town filled with history and near major company headquarters. Because of this, the town is a very expensive place to live. Besides that, it is a great place filled with quiet neighborhoods and very friendly people. Students love to live here because of how quiet the environment is, and it helps them concentrate better on their school work with results in better marks. I would recommend Bethesda to anyone I see, but just make sure that you are financially stable or have some help in your living expenses because things do get expensive rather quickly.
It seems that immediately after the county repaves the roads, they dig them up again and leave them a mess!
Bethesda is probably one of the safer neighborhoods. Crime rate is pretty low for the area.
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It's a nice neighborhood. There's many buildings that are under construction allowing more people to live in the area. Everyone is so friendly to one another. The variety of restaurants is amazing and there's so many choices to choose from.
There very if at all any crime in this area. If there is a crime, it is always reported to the authorities and they resolve the issue almost immediately. One of the best areas to live in, in terms of safety. TheRe is no vandalism and no grafitti.
This is one of the best places to live in. It's incredibly safe, clean and the environment and it's people are incredibly friendly. A vwry desirable place to live with proximity to the metro to go to work or to pay a visit to the National Mall. Incredibe proximity to DC, outstanding places to dine in the downtown area with new restaurants moving in. Incredible living apartments and houses with great neighbors. Downtown is a great place to meet friends or meet coworkers for night out; great social environment with music to listen too from great musicians in front of Barnes & Noble and great atmosphere to dine in outdoors.
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