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There are a lot of fixer-uppers, also a lot of cookie-cutter residency communities.
I think there is good community wherever you go, but I am not involved enough in this community to say for certain how strong it is overall.
There are a lot of drugs, as everywhere in the USA, but it seems that they are becoming more acepted and normal.
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This is a very cute, underappreciated area. We have some really unique local things, like the 571 Grill and several local veterinary offices. The German Baptist community is also strong, and several of the local churches are thriving and growing, doing great things for families. Schools have many helpful programs for investing in kids' lives, such as KidsHope and Upward Basketball and Cheerleading.
They have variety of things to do like visit the metroparks carriage hill, ice rink movies retail its a very nice community.
good place to live a raise a family good schools
plenty of gyms to work out.. nice walking paths and parks to workout.. people are pretty active.
tons of restaurant choices and things to do.
hot summer and cold winter
Area is average income base.. some foreclose now and then. but overall not a bad area to raise a family.
My family and I are avid hunters and we have several ATV's so this is a great place to live for us.
I live on a main road, so we do not have neighborhood watch. Also, there have been several robberies lately, so we have a security system now and always lock our cars
I don't really know because I'm a student and I am not interested in this at this time.
I think we have a wide variety of weather climates, which makes it a great area to live in. Not too much or too little of one type.
It depends on what you're looking for, but there are not a lot of job opportunities here. Most of the big paying jobs left with GM and NCR
The only type of "bar" that is close by is a worn down hole in the wall that no one really goes to. At least the type of people I hang around. The restaurants that are around us are the common ones-McDonalds, Taco Bell, Applebees, etc.
We only have a few big stores close to us, like Kohl's and Elder Beerman's. We have one hardware store-Lowes. We do not have any bookstores near us-the closest is about 35 miles away.
Review Bethel Township
typical community some crime but not much.
Lot of shopping and food places to work at.
Winter can be very bad, because country roads will be very icy and they may not always have salt on them. Flooding is also a problem during rainy months.
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