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Drug addiction has impacted the quality of the surrounding residences, as well as some safety issues. I am not certain if I were to do it over again if I would choose differently. Drug and alcohol related issues appear to be impacting many societies of all statuses. However, the more affordable communities such as this one will be more heavily affected by lower income residents.
Crime has increased along with drug use and abuse. I think it is typical with many areas. Access to surrounding, lower-income housing increases drug-centered activity.
There are some empty, foreclosed homes in the area that are unkempt. A significant portion of residents take care of their property. Problem areas tend more often to be house rentals. The closest apartment rental by my residence is affordable, privately owned, and appears to be well kept. However, there is a high turnover rate, but it is usually residents who are disruptive or engage in questionable behavior. There is an apartment complex further away that is known to house drug dealers, undocumented, migrant workers, and lower income residents. It has been cleaned up somewhat but continues to struggle. It sits directly by an adult/strip club. There is an adjacent community that is kind of isolated that is known for drug abuse, sales, and meth labs. Another adjacent community is diverse in income levels and property care, with few residents having a very high income.The community as a whole in general has appeared to decline over a decade.
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The fire station is close by, but we have no fireplugs in the neighborhood so we are dependent on water tankers to address fires. There are no police in the area, but we are sub-contracted with the counties sheriff department.
Winters are extensive and horrible to the point of children missing school and some businesses closing. Springs can experience flooding. Summers are nice, but hot. Fall is typically very nice.
There is one restaurant/dinner club that has recently re-opened that at this point servers quality meals and alcohol (The Tavernette). Other than that there is a sports bar outside of the immediate community. Nearby bars are neighborhood dives. There is an adult strip club on the outskirts of the community. This establishment is not a favored business for a majority of residents, although they have allegedly refurbished the establishment, have obtained an alcohol license, and now have some restrictions on skin exposure. Apparently some of the younger residents use this establishment as a night club.
The immediate community that I reside in has little opportunity for employment, although there are some restaurants that hire servers. Because of the large surrounding farming community there is a large culture of migrant workers, which appears to be the most common form of employment. However, several major highways, state routes, and larger adjacent cities are very accessible from this area. Most forms of employment are outside of the immediate community.
This is a small community and mom-and-pop stores tend to struggle. There is one gas station that appears to do well, but is expensive in comparison to stations in larger communities. There is a historical restaurant that has recently re-opened and appears to be doing well. There is another family-friendly, well-known restaurant that is well-known and does very well.
Lots of fast food and gas stations.
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