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Great neighborhood to grow up in. Schools are great, community is great, everything is great. However, this probably isn't the best place for people without kids in their 20s and 30s.

There's not much going on here. To find anything you have to travel to downtown Pittsburgh, which isn't far, but if you're an active individual who likes to meet like-minded individual in a social setting, live closer to the city. The adjacent township Mt Lebanon is a little closer to the city and has slightly more nightlife on the Route 19 strip.
Friendliness is the first choice to consider living in bethel park, neighborhood is safe and very clean
I have lived in Bethel Park my whole life. There is not many things to go in do. There are some good restaurants. The school district is pretty good, but could be better. I have never really noticed or been aware of much major crime, just little petty crimes.
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I like how nice people can be. I do not like how expensive it is to live out here. Bethel has a good school system. I like how they have different levels in high school and for each subject the level varies. I like how big the public library is. I believe Bethel Park is a safe neighborhood and family friendly. Bethel is kinda of diversity, some people do not think they are very friendly to diverse people.
Bethel Park is a very safe, family friendly area
I live outside of the city of Pittsburgh, so crime is not a problem where I live. But once I get closer to the city, I make sure I am always with at least one other person because crime does occur downtown.
The atmosphere and opportunities make living in Pittsburgh, PA worth while. I have lived here my entire life and could not picture myself living anywhere else.
For kids in high school I feel there isn't much to do outside of getting something to eat somewhere or hanging out at someones house. I think it would be very beneficial to have a cool hangout spot that high school students could enjoy.
I generally feel safe in my home, and think the police will protect me.
I love living in Bethel Park, because of my family's history in the area. What I don't like is that they got rid of the campus high school.
I feel it is safe.
area is safe, people are friendly and I like it.
Houses sell quickly and do not stay vacant for long
Not a lot neighbor interaction, keep to ourselves
no problems in our neighborhood
nothing is changing in this area
I wish there were more to do around the area. I always see myself doing the same things over and over again and it gets boring.
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Bp recreation center is nice. library is great with many great programs for kids and adults. fire department is quick and has a yearly open house and visits local schools etc
Police are visible, but not really necessary except for an occasional traffic violation. It is rare to hear sirens and we live on an emergency route
We get all the seasons with extremes on both ends. Humidity is cruel, but there is no shortage of water and rain is unpredictable (don't believe the weatherman).
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