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It is a small town, the city keeps up with all the town regulations. I live in a great neighborhood with an awesome school system.
What I like about Bethel Heights is that its one of the safest place through out Northwest Arkansas. Crime rate is super low. Not to mention people are friendly and kind.One thing I would change would be the lack diversity. I would love to see different cultures come together in this part of town.
The neighborhoods always fee safe because there are kind policemen patrolling the streets. The streets are safe for the kids to play at all times of the day.
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Sometimes you have to pay for park I g but sometimes you dont. It is nice though.
The people around here are very welcoming and love to meet new people. Anyone will talk to you if you say hello!
Most of the time it is great here. Usually beautiful but can have its moments.
Their is a lot of places to eat and have fun. I dont know much about the bars because I am not of legal age.
Business are great around here, very friendly and considerate of people's time. Usually never have a problem that doesn't get fixed by management.
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