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Bethel is a great, small town. Its definitely more geared towards families, but not a lot to do. Most people I know commute to Danbury for work. However, big companies like Duracell are also operating out of Bethel. Bethels school district is also top notch.
I've lived here for 24 years. Raised my family here. It's a very nice town that has somehow retained the picturesque New England charm many people hope to find. Bethel's proximity to NYC and the availability of mass transit makes it a tremendous gem. I am glad I choose Bethel. It is still affordable and surprisingly I think I will choose to stay even after my children leave.
Bethel is a small town community with great schools and cute local stores in the town center. Town people are an acquired taste, but if you can get over that, wonderful town to live!
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I've lived in Bethel for 23 years, I grew up here. I've met the most wonderful friends, had a great education, and have felt safe in my community for as long as I can remember. Bethel is truly a community, and anyone would be lucky to start a family here.
I moved to Bethel a few years ago and could not be happier with the area. Everyone is friendly, the town is cute and has everything you need. The town involves everyone in their community and really makes you feel right at home.
Very little if any crime
Wonderful town, great people and great education
Bethel is low-crime. Police are highly visible in the downtown areas. Generally a safe, family-oriented atmosphere.
Bethel is a beautiful place to live. Lots of parks, hiking trails, etc. Great New England charm. Bethel is undergoing a lot of change for the better, with downtown beautification and pedestrian friendliness being top priorities. Lots of local shops and restaurants. School system is top-notch.
We have so many pizzerias.
There is a wide array of different cuisine in the area. Mexican, Chinese, Thai, you name it and you can have it.
A lot of people travel outside of the town to work because we are not a city. There are many small businesses that do employ, but many of their workers are young and seem as if they are just getting started, rather than having a family and major bills to pay.
There are many small businesses in Bethel, CT, but many do end up going out of business within a few years, especially if they are retail. Restuarants seem to stay for a while, as well as chains, such as ACE Hardware and Target.
I love living here. Our family has had a very positive experience
We get a little bit of everything....
there are quite a vairety of options for a small town area
Lots of teenagers find jobs if they just apply
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There are a lot of options for retail businesses
Most houses are located on uneven ground; hills and rocky terrain are common.
Their are a variety of types of public transportation though missing or troubled public services tend to only focus on schools and young adults.
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