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Getting overcrowded and too much construction. High taxes for so little property and no privacy. Good for people with little children who need good schools.
Bethany is a beautiful area in the suburbs of Portland. It's rapidly growing with development. New Schools are currently in the process of being built. Local mini shopping area and restaurants as well as Gulf Course are located in Bethany Village area.
Great trails for exercise and lots of healthy shops. Family friendly. Housing is pretty expensive though.
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too many people are moving to Oregon and it's increasing pollution and level of traffic intensely. bottom line, everyone needs to stop moving to Oregon.
I do not have any safety concerns in my area. I feel safe, and the police respond in a very timely manner when called. Crime in my neighborhood is low and overall the community is very safe.
I love the area I live in. I would definitely choose to live here if I were to be looking for another house.
I never feel unsafe and any crimes that occur are very minimal. However, I think that a lot of the crime is race or ethnicity-based. A few years ago, someone was breaking into houses in my neighborhood, and they only broke into Indian families' homes.
The people are friendly, the climate is great, and the plants are beautiful. My only complaint is that so many new people are moving in and so many new neighborhoods are being built.
There always seem to be police patrolling the city. They take pride in keeping the community safe and it shows in their actions and efforts around Portland.
The city of Portland is one that offers extensive opportunities. The schools are continuously improving which is crucial for a student like myself, and the job market seems to be expanding. I love living in this city and I definitely picture myself starting a life here in the future.
When I'm not in Portland during the summer, I'm in Eugene on a college campus. I hear about crime and bad things that happen. I've never seen anything bad happen, but it is definitely a concern to know that it exists and is fairly prevalent.
There are many recreational facilities where people can go to exercise indoors when the weather is cold. These facilities often have incredible turf fields for soccer. There are also many private gyms with excellent reputations that offer a variety of services including classes.
The weather is great. We get all four seasons. The winters vary a bit. Sometimes we get snow and other times not. The summers are always fantastic! It typically doesn't get too hot. There will be a few days in the 90's, but July and August tend to be in the upper 70's and 80's in terms of highs.
Portland is a great place for dinner/night life. I'm not so much into the nightlife part, but there is a wide variety of high quality food options for everybody. There's great indian, italian, mexican and thai food. There's also a good variety of atmospheres, such as the bar and grill type of thing and the higher end fancy steak dinner type of evening.
I live in a very suburban neighborhood. Most of my neighbors have families, and thus have decent jobs in order to support those families. This is observation is obviously a product of my environment, but everybody I'm surrounded by at home seems to be satisfied with their employment.
There are some local businesses around. There's a good amount of berry stands and there are many farmer's market locations. There are also many christmas tree farms. However, the large majority of things I need are purchased from big companies.
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A lot of the houses look the same because one builder constructs most of the homes in this area. It's very quiet here (no highways or trains), and there is plenty of new construction so getting a new home is an option.
For people in high school, it's hard to find a job. I also don't think there are many opportunities here for chemical engineers holding a bachelor's degree.
There's a variety of local business available, regardless of what you're looking for; they can all fulfill your needs.
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