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There has been more crime activity very near where we live and where my mother works. See lots of police cars when driving around, however, they have a slow response rate and are not very friendly.
Community is diverse in age range, status range. Not much to do for the young generation, however, which I feel is contributing to the higher crime rate.
not much lighting on certain roads and some roads are behind on being maintained.
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Nice and quiet out in the county side of town. More busy in town with sirens often. crime seems to have increased.
My husband has been a police officer in our town for over 10 years. Some officers are outstanding, some I wouldn't trust with anything.
When manufacturing went out in 2008, so did any hope of growth. Still an economically depressed area. Thankfully, there are areas of good employment within 50 miles of here.
I feel safe most of the time, but response is slow
This area needs improvement, but it is peaceful.
They are kind to white straight Christians. Intolerant of anyone else and generally weary of communication. They will occasionally speak to you to invite you to their church.
A small rural town with nothing to do and no upsides should at least be safe, but it has an obnoxiously high crime rate. I job shadowed at the police department once, and the computers were far out of date, they appeared to have never solved a homicide, and just in general were not very effective. Also, the sheriff when I lived there that we would have to call instead of the police because we were outside "city" limits, was named one of the 10 worst bosses in America a few years back due to a sexual harassment case that cost Iredell county $475,000.
It is a racist, sexist, homophobic little town. It's a sleepy place that seems to be trying to be stuck in the 1950's, bringing with it social problems. Life was painful there growing up with a different religion, also. The crime rate is obnoxiously high for a quiet rural area. Also, practically nothing is open there anymore except vape stores, Walmart, and fast food. The mall is depressing and almost entirely closed. The social atmosphere and pace of life was definitely not a fit for me. I want to be able to walk places, have things to do, and overall live in a more interesting, diverse, and accepting place.
Statesville is a very quiet town, almost too quiet. Even with the new downtown remodel, there are just not enough businesses moving in.
It can get hot in the summer, but it's still nice.
If the city council would allow businesses to open they there would be more jobs open.
Beautiful houses but there's also bad neighborhoods.
Not a lot of nightlife.
They're very few local businesses because the city makes it very difficult for anyone to open a business or even advertise their business.
Review Bethany Township
The town is small, so the majority of employment comes from the retail and food industries. The only hope for someone to make a decent salary is to work in lower-level management (store manager) or have a professional job like doctor or lawyer. There are no corporations where someone can work in a specific role such as "customer retention analyst" or "operations streamlining consultant."
We have the essentials like Wal-Mart and grocery stores, as well as a number of small specialty businesses downtown. However, our "mall" only has two flagships and a few small, insignificant shops. We have no chain sporting-goods stores, Targets, or good book stores (ie, with a cafe and a selection larger than Wal-Mart's book section). We have to drive twenty-thirty minutes to find anything more than the bare essentials.
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