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Bethany is a great town to live and raise your kids. They have lots of activities and fun things to do.
Bethany is a family oriented place that has a small town feel with all the perks of being surrounded by a large city. Bethany has a heavy Christian influence with several churches as well as 2 christian 4 year colleges ( Southern Nazarene University, Southwestern Christian University). The city has a low crime rate and was ranked 38th out of the 50th safest cities in Oklahoma in 2017 according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security. Bethany schools Pre K-12 are very successful in both academics and athletics. The high school was a recipient of the Presidential Blue ribbon in 2014. Bethany has several large parks great for walking and recreation. The city borders Lake Overholster to the west which has several water sports activities as well as fishing.

Overall Bethany is a great place to live for a person looking to get away from the traffic and nice of a large city, but still wishes to maintain an active lifestyle.
I love Bethany, Oklahoma. I have lived here all of my life and attended their public school systems k-12th grade. I would love to see the local business grow because they are such a major part of this city.
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I was raised in Bethany, Oklahoma all of my life. It is a very diverse community with great schools and a family friendly environment. It is a small suburban area of Oklahoma City, therefore, the nightlife is not too far away, but just enough to keep it a family friendly place to live.
There's not much to say, really. Just a college town with police who react quickly when it benefits them.
Lived here all my life, went to school just down the road. Great deli on the way home from High School with reasonable prices for the quality of the food. Could walk to two grocery stores and a couple of dollar stores on my home as well. The Public library and YMCA are close to each other, on the same block actually.
good neighbors convenient stores good public parks traffic not bad
Low crime in the area
The best neighbors we sit out and visit with each other in the evening. We look out for each other. And take care of the sick ones. Three house from the city park and pool long walking track at the park walking distance to schools and church shopping for the essentials is just a mile away. All the amenities of the large city with the close knit block family
I feel fairly safe in this area. There are always police around. Sometimes there are sketchy people roaming the streets but I have never had a personal experience to make me feel unsafe.
I live in a quiet neighborhood close to gas stations, grocery stores, the bank, my place of employment, and most of my friends. Everything I need is nearby. I enjoy the area I live in. It is not that expensive to live in this town and improvements continue to be made to it.
You see cops everywhere and there aren't many crimes. Some of the streets are dark though.
The houses in the area are old, but the community that surrounds it are wonderful.
It is quiet and there are a lot of older people.
There are a lot of older houses. Some are well kept and some are not.
I have not had any problems with crime in this area.
This neighborhood is older, so some spots aren't so nice. But it is quiet and we have not had any problems.
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The people around me aren't too friendly and there are construction workers that leave the site at ten o'clock at night with trucks so loud they rattle the house.
I enjoy my neighborhood. It is very quiet and convienient.
All the jobs near by only pay minimum wage
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