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Bethany is a great little town. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I am glad I was able to move into my home with such great neighbors.
Bethany may not be well known, if you visited us, you might not remember. That's ok; we are quaint and charming. We are a small community, you have run into everyone here at some point in your life. You have privacy and are guaranteed to see some farm animals along the way. Up in our woods you have unlimited access to fresh air. Summers filled with activity, our carnival is packed, and our baseball games outside of Billy’s ice cream looks straight out of Gilmore Girls. Autumn is full of beautiful views of foliage, and Clover Nook Farm pumpkin patch visits, its tradition. Winter is like the wonderland you have always dreamed of, white snow contrasted by big red barns, and visits to the fire heated antique book barn. However, nothing is better than the thick, almost mythical fog that covers the entirety of our town in spring. Maybe it's ok you haven't heard of us, we get to keep the beautifully charming secret that is Bethany to ourselves.
Not that much crime here to my knowledge
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I like it here. Very quiet
Although it is a very small town, I feel it is a very good setting to grow up in. There was always kids around for me to go play with and we could always find a park or playground to go to. Everyone is very friendly and you have a good community around you.
Often you see people walking their dogs but other than that there isn't much exercise that you see.
Very nice town and people are very good about upkeep.
While we don't have any police for our town, there is a state trooper station. If you need any help they respond. We also do not need any more safety precautions as there is almost no crime I have ever heard of.
THe only real weather issue we have is snow but we get enough of that to go around.
Almost no bars and no nightlife. The few restaurants we do have are very good.
There are job opportunities if you know someone who owns a business personally but if not then the closet job you will be able to find will be at least 20 minutes away
In my town they're aren't any food stores. All the businesses are mom and pop shops but I love them all because it creates a nice environment filled with nice people.
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