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I love this place so nice and quiet and it's a piece of heaven and quite outside of the busy streets of Charlotte NC. Might I add, the rent is pretty decent for the living accomodations.
There are many places to enjoy great food. Convenient stores and grocery stores are in great distance of most homes. Downtown has many family friendly areas and perform often city events that get the whole town involved. I would like to see a change in the quality of some buildings and schools, though the city has gone through recent improvements to beautify the city.
I love that Bessemer City is a small net community and when there is something that bad happens everyone comes together to help. The thing that I dont like about BC is that there isnt anything to do around the area.
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The community is very tight-knit and everyone w a nets to help each other.
I feel very safe where I live, but I do see some crime around some parts of town.
I love being both near the city, and in the rural area. This is where my family and friends are and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Nothing really goes on here
Sometimes it's good sometimes it's bad but I'm picky
Can't find a job I like that pays what I would like
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