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There is a nice Police station and you see them drive around at all times of day and night.
I am definitely glad I live in this neighborhood. It's really a small town and they invest a lot in their cops and firemen. They also hold different events that are nice to meet your neighbors in and are very inclusive
I say people in Berwyn Heights are active especially in the summer. I always see a person jogging outside. There are a lot of clubs for children and teens to enter. For example there is sports club of basketball, soccer, and baseball. There are also dancing classes like zumba. There is a lot of Doctors' Offices that people can go to. I have my physician Doctor there, in Berwyn Heights. I exercise mostly 3 times a week.
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I believe Berwyn Heights is one of most safest cities in Maryland. There has only been one murder in 2012. There has been several thefts that occurred. There is really not a lot of people walking around at night. It is a very quiet town. There are always polices around the corner. They are very outgoing and nice to all the people living in the community
The weather in this area is great. In the summer time is not as hot as it is in Florida, in the spring it mostly rains but has a nice temperature, in the fall is still a great weather, and in the winter is where the road is sometimes slippery when it snows with rain. The most recent natural disaster was this year. Since it was raining to much, one of the pipes got really filled up with water and went flooding to several house with 1-8 inches. In this disaster there were a lot of reporters that reported the tragedy on the news. This affected many people's life's in Berwyn Heights because they had to pay for all the damages. The most essential item in my wardrobe are my clothes and my shoes.
The top industries in Berwyn Heights would be travel, hospitality, and tourism. The employments would be transportation, warehousing, retail, wholesale trade. There is a lot of job opportunities. There is also a elementary school in Berwyn Heights to work at and several Doctors' Offices. The top company I believe would be the Lab Corp corporation since there is a lot of medical workers there. There is also a children's pediatrics' Office in the same building and several other medical offices. I think what most people do for a living is work at something they like doing.
In Berwyn Heights there are variety of businesses. There are a lot of restaurants to chose from to go out to eat. Berwyn Heights is a very small and calm town that you can even go walking to any office or stores. One of the most popular restaurant is Chipotle, you can see sometimes people waiting in line outside. The rate I give to Chipotle from 1-10 would be 10. It is very organized. You can get everything you need in this area. There is a CVS which has a drive-thur. In Berwyn Heights there are two seven elevens that I would rate a 10, not only because it is always clean but the employees are very nice people.
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