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I am originally from Oak Park, IL and moved to Berwyn (which borders Oak Park to the South) the I was 15 years old. This place is great! It's more like the city than a is filled with historic Chicago brick bungalows which line each street up and down. The people are down-to-earth and friendly, and it is very diverse. The homes are affordable. Families are everywhere, and you'll always find kids playing ball in the alley or cursing in the park on their bikes. There is Metra, buses and the CTA blue Line, so its convenient to public transportation. You don't have to have a car. Now that Berwyn has a Starbucks, we've got it all!
Safe, cute little neighborhood. Always trying to improve itself and open new businesses.South Berwyn is nicer, but north Berywn is still pretty nice.
School system is great, I have had the pleasure to deal with the school system on all levels elementary/middle/high and i have nothing negative to say about either. LOw crime rate, plenty of parks for kids to play, and tons of stores.
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What I like about Berwyn is the sense of community. Although it is just outside of Chicago it feels very peaceful but still has that city feel to it. The neighborhoods are beautiful and there is so much to do. There are plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, mom &a pop shops and places to sit and relax and have some really good ice cream during the summertime. I've lived here for about 7 years and I do not plan to leave anytime soon.
I love the fact that Berwyn is an interesting, good looking town. It always has activities going on, and friendly people are always out doing things. The stores and restaurants around here are just amazing. Berwyn is rated top 5 on a lot of food critic lists for taco places. Overall, Berwyn is just awesome and the landscaping of the town is what really makes you feel at home. I wouldn't want anything to change besides more residents.
Berwyn is a very family oriented community. It is safe and the police officers are always promptly responsive, professional and polite. there are many activities for kids and it is very close to Brookfield zoo, North Riverside mall and many other local shops and restaurants.
Its very quiet and I love it. Waking up in the morning to the birds and not noise. I feel safe seeing the Berwyn police doing rounds almost everywhere.
An area that has easy access to the mall, restaurants, and activities for families and friends. The area is growing in homes and nightlife.
Berwyn is a cute, diverse community. Berwyn has awesome events that brings the community together which really brightens up the atmosphere.
There are plenty of good things about Berwyn, IL. There are a lot of businesses, and convenient stores for all types of needs. Another things is that I like that the property taxes aren't as expensive as other areas near Chicago.
Berwyn is a large suburb separated into two parts, North and South. South Berwyn is much nicer than North Berwyn.
I have enjoyed living in Berwyn for the past 7 years. Berwyn is a very family-friendly city. It's quiet yet only 20 minutes from Chicago. The law enforcement in Berwyn is very active in the community and are very resourceful. The public library always has events for the community (for all ages).
Growing up in Berwyn meant there were a lot of opportunities open to you, but not too many people pushing you to pursue them. Schools have plenty of options and tools to give you a good education, you just have to put forth the effort. It's a working class town where most people are always busy and there's a place for everyone.
Berwyn is a calm and peaceful neighborhood, perfect to raise your children. I have lived in Berwyn since kindergarten and gone to public schools my entire education. I have gained the needed knowledge and experience from both the schools and neighborhood there. Berwyn allows you to feel safe and cost of living is not too high.
Berwyn is a town that has history. With it being a town that has route 66 running through it, it constantly has traffic down Ogden. There are sometimes festivals that take place in town and most people know each other
This is for the Nechel users. That is simple and easy to answer questions. There is no commitment to anything. And especialy no hiden fees.
My family knows several cops in this town because we are all family. They do everything in their power to protect the people of this town. We all stick together but when someone needs to be disciplined, they do their job correctly
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I have heard of homes being broken into, but have not seen crime or talked to any one who was a victim of a crime personally.
There are things I like, for example how close it is to the City of Chicago and the METRA is fairly good for public transportation, and there are a lot of parks. But not the schools and that is a problem if you have kids.
I feel as though the area I live in needs improvement. I don't understand why were looked down upon by the upper class. My area is mostly made up of Hispanic and African Americans. My family is one of the few middle eastern families. Were also one of the few muslim families. Both my parents came to America at 17 from Palestine without parents. They lived in this town since they were married. I've seen the changes in this particular location. I've never lived elsewhere.
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