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I grew up in Berwyn and went to elementary and middle school in Berwyn. I left the town when I turned 20 years old, moving to a nearby small town with lower rent prices. When I became financially stable again, I moved back, because living anywhere else wasn't comfortable for me. Great town, shuts down early (nothing is open after 10 pm) but safe and quiet.
It is extremely rare to hear of crime or even violence in the area. The police react quickly and reliably.
I wouldn't trade where I grew up for anything. There are an incredible amount of resources, food, community events, and easy access to the city. It is very safe and encouraging and there is always something to get involved in.
We experience all four seasons so sometimes it's nice and sometimes it isn't
There are a variety of restaurants in the area and they are mostly all of acceptable quality.
We have one of the best ranked public school systems in the country.
Houses here are well maintained and attractive. People take pride in their homes.
We are very lucky to live in such a safe area but the community is not immune to recession repercussions
It's not walkable at all and most roads have many potholes.
The diversity here is essentially non-existent. Everyone is upper-middle class white conservatives.
I can't think of anything besides Valley Forge National Park that would attract tourists
Most people maintain healthy weights, exercise, and don't abuse alcohol or drugs.
People tend to live in this area for multiple generations
Beautiful Valley Forge National Park is just 15 min away
There is a variety of stores, and I never have to drive too far to find what I need.
As far as I know, there are no major safety concerns in my area. I cannot think of a time when an act of violence was committed against a resident, other than the potential of unreported domestic abuse.
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