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Like the area. Close to everything but far enough away as well. Shopping is close to sales tax free New Hampshire. Lots of access to parks and close enough to beaches.
Quiet town. Very family friendly. They are currently tearing down the old tannery and plan to build more a downtown in years to come. We are excited to see what Berwick can become!
The town needs industry to bring down property taxes. There are many private roads which the town/state does not maintain. The maintenance, including snow removal, is at the expense of the homeowner. There are many impoverished neighborhoods in rural areas.
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The quality of living in this area used to be excellent. But with the lack of care and respect for others it has definetely dropped in the years I have lived in this area.
Jobs are available but driving is required. Jobs are for degreed and non degreed personnel.
Our public works is actually decent.
Chaired the recycling committee for nearly 10 years... worked very hard to get this set up.
Police services great. Fire services awful. Local representation... selectmen are archaic and crazy... take tax aquired property and sell it to each other kind of crazy.
In Berwick... nothing. But surrounding area is okay.
In Berwick. Nothing except a Subway
I would say the majority of people in this town are overweight. A lot of drug/alcohol issues... we have a "sober home" that has brought in more alcohol problems. We do have a local medical office. I am physically active... run 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week.
Overall okay I guess. But no diversity. We had an adopted black son and he is one of literally a handful of non-white in his school. People are frustrated with the direction the town is going so many are trying to get out.
Not much in the immediate area... beaches are relatively close though.
All average. Many short sales so properties are available. Downtown parking is pretty non existent.
This isn't a 'metro' area so this doesn't really apply but there really isn't a great opportunity for 'pedestrians' because there are few sidewalks. Our police chief's sister was killed walking her dogs on the side of a road here... hit and run.
There are mostly low income earning job opportunities in this area. Little expectation of growth at this point.
In the immediate area there is none of this.
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Police are trying but the town administration continues to focus development on low income, rental housing and it has brought in a flood of drug and domestic violence. Not sure how to fix it at this point.
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