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Not bad area to drive in. Very easy driving and doesn't get to congested. Clear direction and signs on roads.
Love having the four seasons. Yes snow does get annoying after awhile and do get stuck in the house not being able to leave. We also live by a creek and does flood everyone once in awhile not being able to leave the house again. We also live in woods so do see trees fall when we have bad weather.
There are very few attractions in the area. There is gettysburg close by which is a big attractions for tourist but not for the people that live close by. There is stuff to do and attractions like gettysburg but they get old after years living in this area.
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We have a lot of nature areas and a great park/hiking/boating area. We have a lot of trees in are area. It is a more royal area.
Housing isn't bad here. I live in a very nice big house with much privacy.
I want to move out of this area when i get older and get my career. I feel it is very boring in this area and not much to do with my friends. I get bored very easily.
I feel that the government is becoming worse and worse as the years go on.
Local business are pretty well. But not all.
People are okay in the area. Theres many good and awesome people but also people who aren't. But thats pretty much how it is in every area.
The community in our area is pretty well off. We have recycling areas and parks and good schools. I don't have much to complain about the community.
We do have two good gyms close buy and they are in well condition and a hot spot for many healthy active people. They are normally pretty busy which is great. But not everyone i see looks like they go to the gym in the area. I feel drugs are getting more worse in our area which scares me. And alcohol i feel is always abused in many areas.
Not bad. I feel pretty safe in my area but i do feel like things are starting to get more corrupt and am starting to see more crime. But not as much as some places. The conditions of our area aren't to bad. Some downtown areas can be a little ghetto but not like other areas.
We have average restaurants. My area has been growing and we are getting more great restaurant in! I feel that we don't have much night life restaurants but i am also not 21 to know all the places. It isn't bad and i don't have much to complain about it.
We have some businesses but not many international or large ones. I am only a college student so haven't had to start yet looking for a job in my career field. My parents do both have good jobs. My dads a civil engineer and my moms a nurse. They make good money and have good jobs. But that isn't the case for everyone in our area. My parents do work a little out of our exact area but not far. I feel when i graduate college and stat looking for a job i will probably move elsewhere.
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