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Berwick used to be a great town growing up as a kid. Now, though the drug issues that are affecting America took over this once great town. The local law enforcement is doing a good job attempting to clean it up, but its got it's issues. There are a lot of citizens trying to clean it up to what it once was. There are many groups that are trying to help occupy today's kids so they don't fall into the epidemic.
A small, quaint town in the center of farm country, Berwick is a great place for those looking to settle into a quiet place for retirement. It isn't extravagant or wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, and sure it has its fair share of problems, but what town doesn't? The people are honest, hard-working, genuine, with a strong love for their community that creates a deep bond between those that live here. It's a simple lifestyle, but it's home and there's no place like it!
Berwick is a quaint little town. Largely Italian or Ukrainian genealogy. Church and community are very important. It is the type of place where people know and help their neighbors. Recently, we have had a terrible influx of drugs. However, for a small police department they do a wonderful job of keeping the situation as controlled as possible. All the fire stations are volunteer which is a prime example of the people who reside here taking care of each other.
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This is a great town! Very family friendly where everyone knows each other. The pizza here is the greatest! Roaming land and beautiful mountains! Not far from Knoebles!!
The area of town I personally live in, is a great area. But majority of the area consist of run down homes. It looks like a place of poverty.
There is a good sense of community in the area for me personally because I originally come from a humble place. With that being said, without the right direction the company you meet here can influence a person down the wrong path.
In the town of Berwick, crime is not much of an issue but drugs are. There are numerous amounts of houses that have caught on fire caused from meth labs and drug dealers. There is a high rate of drug users in this area. I see someone everyday at my job that comes in high off of some type of drug. Violence is not a problem as much as drug use in this town.
I live in an extremely small area with little expectation of improvement. This is a great place to live for people who are making a decent salary; majority of people in the area have little money.
I don't know much about available housing in the area.
The police seem to be able to catch all the people making meth.
Had a great football coach, he's retiring. Lovely Christmas set up every year, fun carnivals in the summer, relatively close to Bloomsburg fairground.
Berwick is a nice town, however the school isn't very involved with the individual succeeding with their education. Bullying is a very severe issue in this town among the school aged kids and nothing is ever done about it. There is not a lot to do around town in order to get troublemakers off the street and inside having fun. However most of the people and establishments are nice.
Lack of need for public transportation, ok traffic
long winters and hot summers, semi-frequent floods
many fast food restaurants, very little diversity
few employment opportunities for unemployed youth
A lot of small, family owned businesses.
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The town is very tight nit. Therefore, the representatives are next door and the law is very maintained.
Small town so not much crime occurs. Truly, everyone knows each other so if something happens we all know who did it.
Sometimes it does get very cold. But other than the coldness it is actually pretty good.
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