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I have lived here all my life and have never experienced crime or safety issues in this neighborhood. The neighborhood is very safe and inviting.
The Mount Vernon school district is the best school district available for your children. Also the living is not right in town, so it is very peaceful. The location is also only 10 minutes from Mount Vernon, and 10 minutes from Cedar Rapids. It is the perfect choice for new families!
every does a great job clearing road, mail, fire ex.
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It's regular IA weather cold one day hot the next.
This is by far my favorite thing. Everything wild life is within a short distance. The Nature Center backs up to our property, and is the perfect way to just get away and look at all of the beauty God has created. A little bit farther away we have the Fishery; this is where my friends and I love to take the boat out and go fishing. Even if you're not the type to go fishing a lot of people come to go running or go for a walk with their dog. It is two miles around that is enclosed by a body of water. Each year they stock the Fishery with Bass and Trout, which always seems to be the days when you're out there from sun rise to sunset. We also have Palisades National Park. This place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You can ride bikes, fish, canoe, and walk the trails. Besides these three places there are many other options we have the Squaw Creek for camping, the Wapsi for fishing and camping, and many others.

The pollution here can sometimes be quite disappointing. We do have many factories being Quaker Oats and General Mills. Within the past few years it seems that they have started to minimize their use and look for better ways to get rid of the pollution. Hopefully in years to come they can create a way to completely diminish the pollution in our community.
I feel Cedar Rapids has the best sense of "community." Most people that grow up here will continue to live here the rest of their lives. I know tons of people that my parents went to school with and now I'm going to school with their children. Everybody seems to know a ton of people and be very involved. We have such great people here that seem to be trying their best to provide a great community to live in. We have just built a new indoor city market, Newbo, that has been absolutely great for our community. People love to get together there, whether it is to ride on the great bike trails down by the Cedar River or if it's just to meet up with friends. Cedar Rapids is a great town, and if you haven't been here before you're missing out on a great time!
Public Services seem to decent in my community. On the topic of public buses most people living in Cedar Rapids do not use them. The traffic isn't too bad here, and the majority of the people have their own cars. We are lucky that the percent of uneducated individuals in our community are usually are able to get a job working for the city. Our climate in Cedar Rapids can be very cold, as we are actually in a snow storm right now. It seems to be there are a lot of fire stations and police stations scattered out with a good proximity of one another. They happened to just build another fire station in our area close to downtown. With it being possible to get to one side of town to another in about fifteen minutes, our city has done a great job providing safety to the people in our community. Our city provides tons of services to people who need them. If you need food or clothing we will make it possible so that you don't go without. We have a tons of charities in Iowa, and we also just built a huge public library. Our city has started to really excel after the tragedy we suffered from in 2008. Due to the flood causing us to rebuild our town I feel that our local representatives have done a great job. They are really helping in making our town looks newer than ever, and give it a new sense of style. I feel the people elected for our town are doing a pretty good job. It seems they try to have our best interests at heart.
I've lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa all my life therefore it's the only place I know! I feel it's great here! You are able to get almost anywhere in town and the traffic is never too bad. The general atmosphere here is very friendly and people seem to generally care about one another. We have tons of organizations here to help the less fortunate especially one that I participate in called Meals on Wheels. The hunting and fishing here is a main highlight for a large majority of the population. It's the perfect environment to raise a child. It seems like the majority of places I've been too it would be hard to raise a child there. In larger cities there is most likely a larger crime rate than in Cedar Rapids. I really like the outdoors aspect of Iowa, with the distinct change in the seasons. Other places in the world sometimes seem way to hectic; as it may be fun for sometime it may become too stressful eventually. This is why I love Iowa! I feel that it is tremendously safe and provides tons of outdoor activities anytime of the year. Due to the fun I've had growing up here I don't think I'll ever be able to leave this area.
Cedar Rapids is a great place to grow up, but there isn't much to do. We have a beautiful National Czech Museum and they are updating the Czech village and it is coming along. We have a few bike trails and would love to see more. There are plenty of small bars in the area and entertainment there, but not a lot of family activities or places to go during the winter months. We tried to get a casino and that was turned down. Also tried to get a large water park and that was also turned down. Both businesses that would bring folks into the area and help our economy.
I love living in Iowa except for the fridged cold in the winter time. I love the snow and enjoy snowshoeing when the sun is out and its not too windy. We haven't had too many natural disasters. We did have a flood in 2008 that was horrific and didn't get much media attention. Tornados once in awhile come through, but that is about it. Really, if I could become a snowbird and move to Florida for January - March that would be ideal, because the rest of the months in Iowa are beautiful and hard to beat!
We have quite a few chains, but more and more that is changing
Most crime that I know of seems to centrally locate in the SE portion of downtown Cedar Rapids. Were I live, maybe in a blue moon you may hear of a break-in, but very rare.
Rockwell Collins is a huge employers and Aegon are large employers in the Cedar Rapids area, and I heard that many that have been at their jobs for some time do not have job security like they once had and are nervous of losing their jobs to outsourcing overseas.
Local business in my neighborhood are few as we live on the edge of town, but are within a few blocks of a Hy-Vee grocery store and a hardware store and a few banks and gas stations.
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