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Berthoud is a small community on the Front Range that provides overwhelming support to its youth. It is a close-knit community that looks out for one another.
Berthoud is a small town wedged between two smaller towns. It's a nice escaped and has a large agricultural culture. Berthoud has had some difficulties with the high school population. But is family friendly and a generally safe place.
The town of berthoud is a cute, small knit community that has your local grocery store, tons of mom and pop shops that support local businesses. Berthoud has come a long way.
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There isn't a Berthoud police force. The neighboring towns police take turns to check out the area. However there isn't much crime here, so it's okay.
This is a close community with familiar faces. A nice place to grow up.
Nearly no mention of crime and always an officer near.
The atmosphere is great and I would live here again.
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