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I was born in the town of Berryville, Arkansas. I was about 8 years old when my parents had devorced which lead to my mother moving me and my 2 siblings out to New Mexico. So my childhood spent out in Berryville is broken into bits and pieces but I remember many a great memory spent out there visiting my father and family.
Visiting my father in the summers were always my favorite time to spend out there. The town is surrunded by local and state attrations so one is never far from being able to going out and having fun doing a variety of activites.
I moved back to Berryville after my fist year in college back in 2008. Not much has change for this town surronded by farm and cattle fields. Local old-timers know nearly everyone and if they don't happen to know you personal, they sure as heck know your family living there. Those old-timers love giving the younger generations sass and I would not change that.
Its a nice southern town. Small community. Very Christian. Good place to raise a family. Not many bad things to say about it other than its small and you have to travel an hour for malls etc.
I love that it is a small town and you know most of the people around you. My family is all from here on both sides. I was raised here my whole life so I know most people.. I wish there was more to do here though!
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Berryville is a quite little town in basically the middle of nowhere. There doesn't seem to be very much to do. Overall it's just a quite little town to escape the rest of the world.
I recently moved to the very small town of Berryville, Arkansas which only amounts up to 5500 people. I am from a much larger city in Texas called Port Arthur where the population is 45,000+. I love fact that Berryville is the only town on the watershed of Kings River and luckily I get to kayak the beautiful waterway all the time. There are only a few things I would decide to change about this immensely small town: number one, I wish I could make people realize they beauty that they take for granted, number two, the number of nightlife activities amounts to 0, that is very boring for a 24-year-old man, number three is the fact that there are too many racists. Considering it is nearing the end of 2016, the majority of the country is trying to forget racism altogether, yet this area is abundant in white supremacists.
Stores are very far away. There is no way anyone could survive without a car. Summers bring very hot temperatures. Mosquitoes are uncontrollable. The smell of chicken houses intrudes the air every night. There is no diversity and local cuisine reflects that. The schools are descent but the band is the only thing that wins in the school system. Overall, it's ok if you don't mind country living.
There is not much to do around here
There isn't much to pick from around here.
Most restaurants close way too early and the food is not always the best. There are no bars here.
There's not much to do around here and everything closes at 9.
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