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9 reviews
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Berrien Springs is a great, small town. The town is very diverse and is really into healthy living. There are vegetarian shops as well as stores that sell meat. The school system is pretty good too; there are opportunities for students to advance. The town is located by the highway so commute times are lower than other towns.
Berrien spring is not a big city, very nice and peaceful. Berrien spring is nice place for anyone who really wants to focus on their school, because of attraction ect.
I used to live in big cities and when I moved to Berrien Springs-MI in 2012, I was bored. I didn't know people, there's not many stores, at night everywhere is dark and quiet, so I named the place Bored Springs!!! But after a year I started to feel comfortable, know people and talk to people as my own family!!! I thought this city is so different, people care about each other, they know me and my family and we enjoy the same lifestyle!!! We are blessed because there is a university offering so many things to do!!! We have education, sports, music, spiritual support, a very intense social life and everything is available in the same place without traffic, violence, noise and pollution!!! I have to say I'm passionate about this piece of heaven!!! Now, for me Berrien Springs is very calm, peaceful and a friendly place to live and raise kids!!! The best place ever!!!
Nice quite town to raise and family, there is a very good school system, and only about a two hour drive to Chicago, and a half hour drive to South Bend, and only a 15 minute drive to silver beach to see beautiful Lake Michigan.
There is some safety for bicyclists, but the areas for bicycling are extremely limited, and even the sidewalks for pedestrians and bicyclists alike are not continuous even for the 1-mile-wide town.

Parking is available almost everywhere except possible occasions of the Berrien County Youth Fair and July 4th fireworks, due to the low population of the town.

Walkability would be ranked quite high, since it is such a small town with a flat terrain.

The public transportation in the area does not exist, if excluding the school buses for the Berrien Springs Public Schools.

Traffic concerns are not an issue. There are not many car accidents. And no areas are congested at any time, other than those two, possibly.
The general atmosphere stinks: it is not one where you will run around smiling and having fun.

If I had to choose where to live, I would not choose to live here, except for perhaps the costs of the apartments and other housing opportunities.

This area would receive a hard 6/10 compared to the area, and possible 4/10 compared to everywhere else in the country. I see that this area will be run over by an expanding city elsewhere and may possibly survive.
For a small town, it is hard to complain with the options in the area. There are not many people who are rich enough to buy instant food and the food is limited to large chain fast food restaurants. Some small family business are open, but usually fail due to the small population in the area. It is hard to complain: I would say it's okay.

Popular nearby restaurants would include McDonald's and TacoBell.

The favorite dishes in the area is any specialty offered rarely down here in Berrien Springs.

The bar/nightlife does not exist in any way.

The overall variety is pretty good for such a small town.
In this area, there may be an annual event, such as the Berrien County Youth Fair, that attracts a fair amount of people. However, most of the time, the streets are empty, and there is very little going on, especially during the night.

The biggest local event is the BCYF, attracting many from the county.

What attracts people to the area is the University: Andrews University, a seventh-day adventist university. Another attraction is the cheap prices of the rent areas and houses in this part of Michigan.

The popular things to do are limited: this area is usually not one for tourists. You may visit the Youth Fair if you are so fortunate to make it during the one week of the year. You can also visit the University and its library.
Berrien Springs itself is a quaint town, with only little stores and low availability on high luxury items or places.

Being positioned right next to a movie rental, laundromat, and a RiteAid, it is a convenient place, compared to most.
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