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I feel like crime and drugs in Lancaster is becoming more prevalent.
My review is that there is quite a bit to do in Lancaster and coming from a small town is nice, but some things are changing for the worse.
I love how peace at mind I can be here
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The crime rate in Lancaster, Ohio is probably the one of the lowest in the State. Never once, in my eighteen years of living here, have I been concerned with my safety.
Lancaster, Ohio is a very quiet city with very little to do when it comes to entertainment. Although I loved living here my whole childhood, I plan moving away when I start my career.
decent amount of restaurants but all of the bars are old men biker bars. zero nightlife
Definitely not the best paying area
Unless you are employed by the local schools or the hospital there aren't really a lot of jobs to be had. It's mostly retail jobs around here, particularly if you don't have a degree.
We have many sweet mom-and-pop's mixed in with the big name companies like Walmart so you can always find what you need but the town has still kept it's old-school charm.
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