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Historic, safe, and friendly, Bernardsville has a lot to offer many. Whether you want to go for a hike, shop, or enjoy a nice meal, there's a myriad of enjoyable experiences to be had. Bring your wallet though, as many restaurants can be a little pricey.
Needs more diversity, but great school system. Could use some modern updates in order to keep up with areas of similar economic prosperity. Downtown needs help as local businesses consistently leave and too many banks are instead in the area.
Great school system and quite a few parks/green space. Safe, quaint, and quiet; so there isn't much to do. Too many nail salons/beauty parlors and banks.
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Small up-scale town, very friendly, and great for families. Although living here is expensive, it is definitely worth the price. The local schools are highly ranked and a great experience for all children. The town has a lot of great places to eat for a fancy night out, or just the casual family pizza night. There are plenty of side walks and crossing guard so kids can walk around town after school safely. There is a bunch of cute boutique stores to shop in as well as a small movie theater to see all the new movies. Access to the town is very ideal- especially for commuters. There is a train station down town that will take you straight to New York City (about an hour ride) if commuting. There is also a bus station that will take you to multiple locations. There is also easy access to 287, 202, 206 and 78.
Tough to find parking in the center of town
Bernardsville is a small community with small local businesses. Lenny's pizza is delicious. Kings supermarket is expensive and the food is not fresh, but Shop Rite is cheaper and has a larger variety of products.
I wish the winters weren't as bad as they are.
Employment is okay. I work at my local supermarket, and some of my co-workers are very rude, but other than that, I make minimum wage, its okay.
The local businesses in this area are great. Everytime I visit one, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Most popular in this area is probably Lennys Pizza. Everyone hangs out there after school. The food is great too!
Very few chain stores/restaurants are here which encourages us to shop local such as at the Rebecca Collection (gifts), Walters Garden Center (plants, gardening), Station Pub & Grub (restaurant).
Close enough to commute to NYC with many local corporations
Spring and fall are heavenly. Summer can get too hot. And our winters are good for winter lovers.
This is a very safe community, and the police are very responsive.
Some things are fixed right away--others aren't
There is virtually no crime--police always around
Everyone knows everyone--kinda cliquey though
We are in a small town but NYC isn't far
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I wish there were more-- lots of hiking trails
Different varieties also in surrounding areas
People in the area have great jobs--not local
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