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I grew up in Bernards Township my entire life. I had a very good experience and got a very good education at Ridge High School and met a ton of nice, motivated people here who drove me to be the best version of myself that I could be. The town is close-knit and everyone knows everyone. It is quite expensive to live here but is very safe and everyone is very caring. It is a town of families and police are seen everywhere to make everything safer, despite it being an already safe town. It is very close to New York City and has a few cheap, direct trains and bus routes that can be easily accessible. In my opinion, it is slightly diverse. There are a lot of Asians and a few black families in the community.
One of the top public schools in the state, I love it here. All of the teachers are really nice and they really care about their students.
It's rare to hear about any serious crimes, and minor break-ins are not that common, but not unheard of either with the nearby highways bringing petty crime with it.
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Basking Ridge is a fairly standard wealthy suburban town. There aren't many places to go in town itself (groceries, a few restaurants, a few fast food places), but it's relatively short drive to pretty much anything you'd need, including the city itself at about an hour drive. Schools are highly ranked and overall decent, too. The hills are generally a bit more communal than the rest of town.
There has never been a crime scandal in my hometown. It is incredibly safe- safe enough to leave your car doors unlocked at night. I've never felt unsafe walking alone.
It's filled with friendly people in a suburban new jersey town. It is the perfect place to raise a family because it has plenty of land and one of the greatest education systems in the state. I might live here when I grow older to raise my family.
Our crime is considerably low and our police force for our town is very responsive and a pleasure to have.
I live in very wealthy area and our town is kind of split into sections where the wealth lies and where it doesn't. I live in the part where the wealth lies but I am not a wealthy family. Our house is medium sized and is surrounded by developments of mansions and huge houses, but there are other houses like mine. Our community as a whole is wonderful. We have one of the top rated school districts in new jersey and I feel as a student who just graduated high school, I feel that I got the most out of the education they provided us with. If I had the choice to live here again, I definitely would because the housing situation is affordable and the education is great and there are plenty of activities and extra curricula's to do while your not busy. Our township offers lots of volunteer experience and has job openings that vary at establishments and are offered to ages ranging from high school students and above. They are very generous with offering jobs to students still in school. A lot of the time our town is referred to as the "basking ridge bubble" by surrounding towns because we are a rich town compared to the surrounding towns and they view us as a town that is only involved with ourselves. Part of that is true, but we take pride in making our town and school systems the best it could be and it pays off in the long run. I would love to stay in this town, and continue my life here.
The cops don't have much to do since there isn't much known crime.
The town can be sometimes called the "basking ridge bubble" because people are sheltered.
Crime happens all over the globe, however it seems limited in Basking Ridge. Our police department responds quickly to any concerns that the people of the town may have and report to the scene in a timely matter.
This area has an amazing education and great schools to enroll children in for all ages. The atmosphere of Basking Ridge is friendly and welcoming. You can walk around feeling completely safe. Basking Ridge is considered a wealthy town and does have its low moments of "big egos". However, this is the town I grew up in and I will always pick my home town over other towns. I have networked here for my major in college as well as with friends and other families, it is where I have come to know and will always love!
Basking ridge, NJ is a fantastic place to raise a family and to go to school. It also offers a great cultural experience due to its close proximity to New York City.
Good emergency services. There is always an excess of cops driving around since the crime rate is next to nothing.
Mix of all seasons. Winter can be brutal. Summers are nice, spring is even better. Not too many extremes and we get all 4 seasons.
It depends on the work you want to do. There is a lot of corporate offices nearby that people work at like Verizon. Otherwise most people are commuting to the city for big-time jobs. There are people who work more local jobs doing various things but it is a suburb.
There are some good restaurants with bars and small cafes. Basking Ridge is definitely not a "night life" town.
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In Basking Ridge itself there is almost nothing as far as local businesses. There are a few locally owned restaurants which are nice but the majority of places are doctors offices, real estate agents and travel agencies.
Lots of cars not alot of road
Not alot of choices but good food
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