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It's a small town, everyone knows everyone. That is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you want others to know about you. Elementary schools are great, middle school and high school not so much; they don't prepare you for college very well.
Love living in Bernalillo, small town great place to grow up. Love that you can have animals, and open space. Family is close and always can ask others for help.
The town has really had much upkeep. A lot of the people living here are either on drugs, or selling those drugs.
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I root for the local teams. I go to the local baseball games but that is it when it comes to sports teams.
I live in the desert. Its hot in the summer and cool in the winter. It can beat other area of the country at times.
The education level in this state is bad. Because of that you can get away with paying people just the average wage. Because of that no one wants to move here or live here.
The local services are okay. Nothing really to complain about.
Everyone around me says the quality of life has gone down.
They are major traffic projects all around the area. But I believe in a short time we will have better streets and roads to drive on.
I know there is crime in the area but it does not impact me that much.
I know within a short drive there are several fast food chians
I am within a short drive to all the major business.
I live in a new subdivision so the homes look the same. There is a lot of open lots though in the area.
The people in this area are very nice. There is alot of diversity here in this state.
The only real attraction in this area these days are what is left of the breaking bad show here in town.
I live in a desert area. We have mountains around us. Within a few hours drive we can have access to just about anything. Not alot of lakes in this state though.
I don't believe there is alot of options when it comes to working out in the area. Most people just walk up the mountains and that is about it. Its too expensive for a gym membership here in this town.
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