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Bern Township Reviews

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Barely no crime. Don't see police very much.
Land is being bought and houses are being built. More people are moving in. Crime is very little in Leesport. I would probably stay here my whole life.
All occupied and people keep up with their maintenances.
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Many people have pets and many people also never leave the area... They are here their whole lives
Heard of very little crime if any at all
I've lived here my whole life and although it has been great I want to be somewhere where there is a lot of outdoor activities.
A job in this area is doable although you have to be ambitious and hard-working because the market is a little small.
the atmosphere is very calming and quiet although there isn't much to do.
There are only a few attractions in the local area
The weather can be a little crazy at times, just in the changes in temperature from day to day. It can get very humid at times and also there are days where its just dry heat.
The food variety in this area is the majority of the market. If you're not in the food industry in Berks County you might as well move you company elsewhere. The Berks County people are known for their stomach's.
The local business basis in the area is small ranging from mom-and-pop shops to big name corporations like Ashley Furniture.
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