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I am not too aware of the crime and safety in the coachella valley.
The Coachella Valley has a great history and variety of people. Not only is a vacationing area, but a great area to raise a family.
Not a lot of work.
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Don't drink and food is ok.
Doesn't always have what I want.
typical california housing. stucco. boring.
a lot of blue collar jobs, some management jobs.
There are many fitness areas to workout and some parks have put in outdoor equipment as well. There are many places to hike as well. Many people are active, however outdoor physical activity is limited at the weather is extreme. We have excellent hospitals here and many physicians offices available. I do enjoy physical activity, I like it more indoors though. Weight lifting is relaxing to me, so I do enjoy that. I force myself to do HIIT training, although I really dislike it.
We live in a hot desert, so there is only a certain time of year to be outside. We are surrounded by mountains and there are some close by lakes and recreation areas. Some of our land is Native American land as well.
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