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I love Berlin Vermont. It is a quiet town. It is the prefect place to raise a child. The neighborhood is safe that I can let my child playoutside without worrying about anything.
I work in Berlin and live in a town close by. I like the community at work. We see a lot of locals. Berlin is also very close to Montpelier and there is a lot to do for the family and at night.
The area is very safe and has little crime. We have the 4 seasons which I enjoy. I see this area staying the same as it is somewhat expensive to live here and most of the people I know want the excitement of the city. Perhaps when I settle down and have kids I may come back.
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Vermont has very special seasons, which usually means longer winters and a "special" muddy season in between winter and spring.
There are plenty of ways to get around in Vermont. There is a great option for everyone's needs.
The housing here is very diverse and ranges in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. From new to old, everyone can have a home they love.
There is a great sense of community here in Vermont and you will definitely here that no matter what town you visit.
The economy is still growing everywhere, but I think we're better off than most. Great earnest jobs.
I always love the food here! We have many options, all which usually use locally sourced ingredients and have great staff!
There is not a thing we don't have available to us in downtown Montpelier! They're all up kept and accessible!
Montpelier has no danger to speak of. Everybody here are good people, and would never lead you astray.
People here are always keeping themselves going in some manner, whether it be hiking or kayaking or even zumba.
People here are always happy and will always give you a helping hand when you need it.
Living in Vermont is a great experience. The people are always warm and friendly, and love to have you around and to have a good time.
Vermont is a beautiful location, and Montpelier is a great example of it.
Montpelier is a wonderful place to live. All public services are well run and up to date. Our State Capitol is by far the prettiest in the Country, and our area is loved by many.
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