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Just car. Ellendale has no public transportation system.
If I could i would stay and go to college here, but there are no colleges in the area that fit my needs. The people are extremely nice and are willing to help out when needed.
The weather in Minnesota is fast changing depending of the season. We have blizzards, droughts, ice storms, freezing temperatures, and numerous other weather factores.
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The biggest thing you can have for night life is the Muni-bar that can seat almost 20 - 30 people max.
With small towns come few jobs. To usually get a job you need to know people that already work there.
The most popular store in my town is a grocery store called Lerberg's. It is a family ran business that has been open since the early 1900's. They are friendly and provide great customer service. With that they have a fitness and tanning center connected for reasonable prices for a small town.
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