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It's good and bad. The weather can be very unpredictable. Some days are very sunny and beautiful, but the weather can also get bad. Flooding is not uncommon here, and winter can be kind of harsh.
Housing here is pretty good. Houses usually come with a sizable amount of property and land. The houses here are generally well-kept.
As stated before, the people here are extremely kind. However, there is not much diversity here. It is mostly white, conservative, christian fundamentalists.
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Very tourist heavy area. There are some events, such as fairs and festivals, that are pretty fun, but they are mostly just in the summer.
The food here is very good. This is one of the main draws about visiting here. The only issue is variety.
Crime is very low. Some of the roads here can be a bit dangerous if you are inexperienced driving here.
For the most part, it is good. There are some nice workout facilities and sports is huge here. Drug and alcohol abuse is not as common here as in other communities.
There is very little public transportation here. If you're visiting, you will need a car.
The community is extremely conservative and religious. People here are very kind and welcoming, but can also be pretty narrow-minded. Science and environmentalism is, generally, looked at as negative or deceiving.
This is the Bible Belt, so It honestly depends on your personal beliefs. The culture here can be warm and welcoming as long as your opinion aligns with their beliefs. Basically, if you're anything other than conservative, christian, and heterosexual, you risk being alienated or looked down upon. There are some very positive aspects about living here, however. Crime feels nearly non-existent, and there is a unique culture here. Overall, my experience here has been good and bad. I would probably not want to live here again, though.
The food is great, but there is little variety. The same can be said about other shops/businesses. I find myself out of town a lot to get everything I need. There is also no alcohol in this area, which can be very inconvenient.
It's fine. There is quite a bit of farmland, but there is some wildlife as well. My only issue with this area is allergies, but that's more a problem with me and not the area.
I don't have much to say on our public services. It's alright. We don't really have a strong police force, from what I've seen, but crime is low here so it is not much of an issue. Some enforcement may be a little strict in some areas.

I've never really been happy with Ohio legislation in general. I don't really feel like our opinion is taken into account at all.
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