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stuck-up and snobby people. i would not recommend living here unless you plan on paying high taxes for a bad school system.
Berlin is a small and quiet town. They have a variety of stores and tattoo shops. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and there are a few small businesses which I like and support. The houses are expensive but the neighborhoods are nice. Education is average. I would like to see the taxes go down and have more than one grocery store to go to, I would also like to see an affordable gym in the area.
Interesting history and historic district. School system seems middle of the road. Kids range from down-to-earth through arrogant and clique-y. Downtown area is basically a strip that needs revitalization and economic development.
No crime to speak of and the police are always driving through to check
The people are nice and friendly and there is always something to do
This is a good area to live in. The school system is great and the cost of living is not too expansive.
Its a comfortable life style. I was raised all my life here and plan to do the same with my kids.
In general, the place is nice. There's Dunkin Donuts, Stop & Shop, and a Starbucks and Chipotle kind of nearby. The people are very cliquey, however and do not like change.
I feel very safe in my town. The only thing that makes me nervous are the coyotes howling in the back yard at night. The police is visible and very responsive as well.
I prefer the warmer climates; however, New England can dish out some very cold and snowy winters. Definitely not my favorite season. Summer and Fall offers a various activities in the nearby area. One must have a large variety of clothing to live in CT.
There are 2 "restaurants" in town. One is Polish food, the other is Italian. There isn't much of a choice for bars here and the closest nightlife is about 20 minutes away in Hartford.
Many homeowners are professionals that work for large companies or self-employed. Our town is small and there is little job opportunities for jobs here. Again, many of us work out of town. I do not see employers opening new businesses here especially because Berlin makes it very difficult for a new business. They even gave Starbucks a hard time and they went right over the line to the next town.
I live in Berlin, CT and there are very few fine dining restaurants in our town. In order to go to a nice dinner, we need to go to the next town over. We don't have a developed "Main Street." While we do have high end homes we do not have any upscale dining.
I honestly don't know much
Too cold in the winter but agreeably warm summers
Most citizens are healthy and fit
Most people don't have a major issue with jobs
In Berlin there is everything you need! From mom-and-pop shops to Walgreens to Stop & Shop! Everything is here that you would need. There are may different kind of hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are delicious! Berlin is a great town to live in and I love it!
Berlin is a small little town and here and there there are little family-owned businesses but there are not many big companies in Berlin.
potholes could be fixed more, but snow removal, power lines, downed trees are all taken care of pretty quickly in the event of bad weather.
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