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Berlin is a really small, quaint, and friendly family town. Most people grow up here, move away, and then come back and settle down with a family. However, for a twenty-something, there are no opportunities for a social life. There is also a lack of diversity which is tough individuals who associate with LGBTQ. Both of which are the main reasons for my 2 star rating.
I've never had a problem but so far they are quick to react because no matter how many times a person prank calls they show up fast
If I had the chance to leave believe me I would but money is the situation here.
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Berlin has a lot of potential but needs a mayor and citizens that care and want to make their town a better place.
I think that because there are not busses in Berlin that the roads have a lot of vehicles on them.
There are no attractions that bring tourists into Berlin.
We do not have to be worried about hurricanes or horrible storms, just the occasional thunderstorm and flood from the river.
It is defiantly a small town bar city, but there are no clubs, or fancy restaurants. The fanciest restaurant that Berlin has is a Family restaurant.
Besides Wal-mart in town, there are not many other business that hire. If you are hired you stay there until you retire because there are not many job opportunities unless you want to drive out of town.
I live in a small town, so there are many family owned bars, and restaurants. Its a everybody knows everybody type of place. The people are great, but the city itself is getting run down, and places need to start renovating their stores.
Hard to find jobs unless you have a good education
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