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Living in Berlin, NH my whole life of 22 years has had its ups and downs. The ups have had a good impact on my life. It is very family friendly here. Its a small town everyone knows everyone which is great if anything happens we are all here to support each other. Some bad experiences with living here are job opportunities. There is much in the town of Berlin for work. That meaning you have to travel anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for jobs.
In my opinion rural North Country living (such as Berlin) offers the best quality of life and balance found anywhere. Berlin is home to some of the most genuine and authentic people I have been privileged to meet. Neighbors can count on neighbors and there are many opportunities to positively impact the community in which you live. The crime rate is below the US average and the only traffic jam you may have is a family of turkeys crossing the road. With the Mahoosuc Range to the east, Jericho Lake State Park to the west and the White Mountains all around us the outdoor opportunities are endless. There are 7 downhill ski resorts within an hour's drive and the Appalachian Trails in only 20 minutes away. Popular culture and metropolitan areas are just a short car ride from our doorstep.
The town is slowly growing there are many improvements and priorities on city council need some changes however!
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I like the small tight knit community that lives in my hometown of Berlin NH. It's a beautiful city with the presidential mountains in its surrounding landscape; an ideal place for any outdoor enthusiast.
Our police officers are great in this low crime area. They are always there when we need them!
I've grown up here, and wouldn't change a thing!
Parts of the city are very nice and peaceful but in any city there is always parts that aren't as nice. I loved the small city feel and mountain views.
Where I live there are not very many shops all we have for a store and a grocery area is the next town over and it is a Walmart.
To get a good job, you would have to travel about an hour or more away because there are not a lot of jobs in area.
Great outdoor activities, great community environment, and variety of local shops/restaraunts
Fast food need t travel for.
Verys neighbor to neighbor hood...
Not much of a downtown
Either people are heAthy or are into drugs and alcohol
Many jobs are available, can't pick and choose everything, take what you can get.
We live far north from much action.
City is well cleaned and maintained
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Not much tourism here. Could be much better than what it is....
Tons of outdoors activities. Four wheeling snow machining, hiking, swimming, etc. All local and cheap!
Economic statues is greatest diversity. Can be noticed on the streets and in schools amongst kids. Can cause bullying,
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