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I've lived in Berlin all of my life. It's not too crowded but not too spaced out. I love where I live.
My experience with Berlin was average overall. The schools were nice. Teachers seem to care for their students. And the school systems focused heavily on preparing the students for the next grade level, then eventually life after graduation and college. In addition, the diversity in Berlin is vast. We see a lot of ethnic groups around shopping area, malls, and on school grounds. The concern I have though is with safety. Some of the suburban areas of Berlin are somewhat tame in themselves. Yet when you cross over into the urban areas, you may run into some trouble. I would suggest more police support in the area to help keep the amount of troublesome causes under control. I would also like to see the cost of living in the Berlin area to decrease. I live in a single parent household and it can be difficult to make ends meet. So add it with the high cost of living, the burden of finances increases for each family member.
Berlin Boro is a great place to raise a family. BCS is a wonderful school. Our neighbors are great and the town is quaint.
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Berlin reminds me of one of the small towns you see in movies. It's place where you can't just run into the local supermarket, because as soon as you cross of the threshold of the supermarket doors there are ten people you know, and you have to have the "catch up" conversation with. The feeling of Berlin is warm and kind, it really brings me home.
Our town is an awesome town to grow up in.
There are not that many crimes that happen in Berlin. The safety is very good.
I would definitely choose to live here in the future, because it is just a great atmosphere.
The last storm that sneaked up on my area was a surprise and local agencies were not quick to get the snow plows out on main road. They need to be able to respond faster when weather happens suddenly.
We have all four seasons here. We do occasionally get bad winter storms and hurricanes but they are normally not so bad.
It is still hard to find good jobs in my area. I am hoping that with a specialized degree my career prospects will improve.
There are a lot of national chain restaurants in my area that offer good food at affordable prices. Being on a fixed budget means I can depend on these restaurants to not charge an arm and a leg for a good night out to eat.
I have great local businesses. I particularly love the single-owner car repair shops. I get personalized and wonderful service at these places.
We don't have many businesses, it's mostly.a residential town.
I live a small town where everyone knows everyone. The school system is great. There are plenty, cultural and political opportunities to get involved with. I hope when done school I can stay in my town.
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