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No real concerns. Everyone knows one another. The chief of police is even well known.
The area has come from being majority farm land and is growing at a steady rate over several years while keeping it's values of the past.
It was a nice, safe place to grow up but the pace is too sloe for me here.
Review Berkshire Township
There are usually only very small crimes such as stolen items or speeding but nothing serious.
There are several restaurants in town as well as locally owned food places.
Housing quality is good and the community is also pleasant.
It can be hard at times to get a job but there are plenty of small opportunities.
There are many good small places to go.
Summers get hot and sometimes humid. Winters can be mild to severe and snow is expected. It has its pros if you like to see 4 distinct seasons.
Two nearby lakes make for excellent outdoor activity areas. Plenty of parks. Mountains and Lake Erie / beaches are just a couple hours away.
The restaurant variety around here is average but going into Columbus opens up a lot more opportunity such as Halal
Strong sense of community in this small town. Very pet friendly too
in general the road system, parking etc is good with no major issues
Reaction times for first responders are good and you can tell those people really care about the community. Laws are appropriate and government representatives are doing a good job.
within the community there are some jobs, and the market seems to grow with new places opening up. For a wider variety of careers, extension out of Galena and into nearby Columbus maybe necessary.
There are some big events throughout the year in the area, along with many smaller events such as flee markets, etc
There is a good variety of businesses in the surrounding area
Review Berkshire Township
The atmosphere is great and the community and surrounding area is only improving
There are ample places for quality medical care and to workout. The area I live in is diverse when it comes to age so when averaging the younger community with the older, the level of physical activity for people here is only moderate.
The quality of housing is good, not too expensive and there aren't any vacant houses in my neighborhood.
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