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Not a lot of vacant houses. People take pride in what they have and know what they can afford. Their houses are one of their most prized possessions, they take care of it. Most of the vacant houses are from those who moved out.
It's not crowded like the cities,and people have space. It's quiet, no loud trucks or trains, or honking chairs, people screaming. Neighbors help out when they can. A safe place where you can leave your car doors unlocked and not worry about anyone taking anything from it
There really isn't that much crime in the area, usually the police and everyone show up right off. I don't recall a really bad accident that we've had. They worry a lot about speeding, since the roads are empty a majority of the time. They're more aware and about during the winter season, just in case someone happens to go off of the road.
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It'd a good place to raise families and gives people a sense of adventure since there isn't a lot to around here. The community is always so supportive in the schools and programs. But it still has its flaws like the cold, the farming, and the amount of residents on welfare.
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