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Some of the kids are pretty mean or annoying but the adults and neighbors are AMAZING. I love talking to my neighbors and meeting new ones when they arrive. Relatively quiet, not a lot of crime. LOTS of neighborhood drama if you end up talking to the right people.
Very nice city. It's very small but you'll find that there's a lot to do in Berkley. The neighborhoods are nice and law enforcement are quick and friendly. Beautiful city worth visiting.
I moved to Berkley 4 years ago. I absolutely love the area, lots of new young first time home owners moving in. A very tight nit community!
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Berkley is a very average small town located within 20 minutes of Detroit. The city is equipped with a school district, hospital, quaint downtown, and public library. Overall very nice place to live in.
Berkley is a great town to raise a family in. The schools are great, the people are nice and the downtown area is fun, but not too busy. Berkley hosts a lot of events throughout the year including parades and fairs.
Small and safe suburb about 20 minutes outside of Detroit that is right next to Royal Oak. There are many great restaurants, parks, and shops. Beaumont Hospital and the Detroit Zoo is nearby in Royal Oak, about a 10 minute drive. There is a weekly farmer's market and plenty of grocery stores in
Berkley is a wonderful city to live in. It has an excellent school district that has been in Newsweek for the past 7 years as being one of the top school districts in the country. It has a wonderful business district and the housing market has increased dramatically over the last few years. People are flocking to Berkley!
I love the Small town feel and quaintness that Berkley offers. I wish that that downtown was a little nicer
Very small town. Lots of little shops, but still not much to do. Good neighborhood for raising a family. Has 3 elementary schools, a middle and a high school. Wish the movie theater was still open.
Police are visible everywhere. I live on a non-busy road and I usually see a police car drive by at lease once or twice a day, including night time as well. Crime is going to happen, but when it does, it appears as though the police take it very seriously. I feel safe enough to walk my dogs at nighttime.
Berkley is one of the best towns to live in around the Metro Detroit area. You get that small town feel in a big area. Berkley is centrally located, meaning everything in the Metro Detroit area is within a half hour drive. The downtown area is constantly remodeling and rebuilding to make it look better. I grew up in the country and have lived here because of work. I prefer to live in the country, but Berkley is the best city-living since I have to live in the city.
It's a great place to live, very safe. If anything, the city & police tend to be over cautious but better safe than sorry.
Small town with a friendly, family like atmosphere, and just the right amount of bustle & activity. The schools are top rated with the best & most caring educators around.
There are not many major crimes that happen in Berkley. :)
The school system is really good here, and I like the atmosphere. It's also close to downtown Royal Oak, which is fun to walk through.
Low amount of crimes, crimes are typically just related to property. Police very responsive, especially for minor driving errors.
I would probably choose to live in a similar community when I move, however I would never choose to live in this particular city again.
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There generally is nothing to worry about safety and crime wise. The worst thing that I have head about is someone taking off the tires and scratching up a car at night when the car was left out in the driveway.
I live living in the Berkley area. There are nice people all throughout the town, all with great values. However, being so close to Detroit, the traffic is crazy and thus makes timing all the more important. I now know after living here that I need to leave at least fifteen minutes before I think I should leave so that I can make it to places on time.
Not a lot seems to happen in the area as far as crime goes, and when something does occur it's never much cause for concern. The police can be seen driving around and making sure everything is safe, so overall there is a great sense of security.
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