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I feel pretty safe. There are police cars that sit at the volunteer fire station and keep watch sometimes. The neighborhood is pretty quiet for the most part.
There are a few instances that are very unsettling, such as having to be on "lockdown" for about three hours due to nearby shootings, but the crime is practically invisible and the law enforcement is very effective.
I love being near Regis and able to walk to and from campus while feeling very safe. The only downside is living in an area that is stereotypically known for a lot of crime and police appearances.
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I've seen police officers in my neighborhood lots of times, But i never notice why they are there, Im pretty sure it is because of the gang related people who live in this area. I feel like my neighborhood is safe, if you stay out of trouble.
This place is okay. I like it because it is peaceful i never leave my room unless i have to go to school or work, I've noticed that there can be gangs in this area, because there is graffiti in the ally. It's not the neighborhood people would like to live in, but I like it.
quality of housing is good.
Never crime and the safety is great.
Most of the job opportunities you have near by are fast food places.
You can get your basic needs anywhere near. There's dollar tree, and the Longmont carneceria. Plenty locations where you can stop by to eat. Two beauty salon and gas stations that are convienent for everyone.
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