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Berkeley Heights Township Reviews

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Berkeley Heights, New Jersey is a very safe town, and a wonderful community to be a part of. The public library is well kept, and other public areas such as parks are very clean. It is a very family friendly town, and it is also a perfect town for a commuter, who travels regularly into the city; there is a train station with a direct line to Penn Station in New York City. There are many good local restaurants to choose from, and you do not need to travel far to find a convenience store nearby. For those who want to go to the gym, there are many options that offering a wide variety of physical exercise services.
Berkeley Heights is a town where everyone is a part of a large family. On multiple occasions the town has come together to help each other out. For instance, when the town's favorite supermarket employee was seen walking to work from 3 towns over because his bike had broken down, the people of Berkeley Heights raised over $500 to get him a new bike.
Schools are predominately populated by white students, but that is changing quickly. There are few things to do in town, besides going to Rita's and walking around town, for example (typical suburban experience). You have to pay for trash pickup.
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It's has the small town feel, people are nice and ample greenery with Watchung reservation nearby. There is a lot to improve especially roads are bad, haven't been maintained or paved in 15-20 years.
I am very impressed with this town. It offers a lot of services and everyone is very helpful and supportive. I am proud to call it home!
Very nice town, safe area with very good schools. Small town so theres not a lot to do but there are other towns close by with stuff to do at night. Nice area for kids and pets, people love being outdoors.
Berkeley Heights Township, New Jersey, is a very friendly town. It has an old-fashion 'home-town' feel and people are helpful, kind and look out for each other.
That written, I am proud to be a member of the community.
There's a mix here of houses that have and have not renovated. Many houses that were previously one floor ranch styles upgraded to two floor larger houses.
Very safe community, on a nice day there are always people outside walking with friends, children, and/or pets.
This area is perfect starting out middle class families. The community is smaller than others so everyone knows everyone. If I could do it all over I would not change anything because the perks of being in a small community is that you develop relationships with people and it continues over the course of 16 years. Also Berkeley Heights shares a high school with a neighboring town and that has also had an impact in my life. This area has the potential to improve, for example, having another township share the same high school. There are many ways of improving a community, why not make it start with students.
There is not much crime in this area.
I love where I grew up. I know now that I grew up in a very sheltered environment but it helped shape me in the best possible way. Often times people are stereotyped as snobby for living here. My parents taught me responsibility and hard work, so while I lived around many kids who never had to work, I've been working since I was sixteen. Great community, those with humble values will be successful and happy.
Everyone is extremely nice and there is always something to do.
Generally the four seasons are fine but in the past there have been freak tornadoes, hurricanes hitting, freak snow storms, and earthquakes. One time, snow storm Nemo affected the area so badly that several miles of the town were out of power for 2+ weeks. Also, there have been hurricanes and earthquakes happening basically on the same day, i.e., Hurricane Irene the day before an earthquake.
There are only a handful of popular restaurants in Berkeley Heights, most of which are average Italian places and pizzerias. My favorite restaurant is Oporto's, a Portuguese BBQ place that gives the customer enough food. There are no real bars or nightlife options, as most of the businesses in Berkeley Heights are just restaurants, banks, and salons.
The job outlook in Berkeley Heights is not very high because most of the employees in the small town are just students looking for work, with adults commuting elsewhere. Most of the job opportunities available to high school and college students include minimum wage jobs in which the students do not get paid nearly enough for the amount of work that they do. Many students work in the local businesses such as Stop and Shop, Pet Supplies Plus, or commute to their jobs in neighboring towns such as New Providence, Summit, Westfield, etc. Popular summer jobs include working for the playground camp near the middle school.
The local businesses in Berkeley Heights are very inconsistent. Restaurants constantly pop up and then close down without notice because not many support them, except for ones with high notoriety such as Delicious Heights, DiMaio's, Coppola's, Trap Rock, East, etc.. It goes without saying that these restaurants have been open for business for years because of their excellent food and service, however pricey they are. Otherwise there is a lack of variety in shops that are not pizza parlors and hair/nail salons and spas. There are really no big chain restaurants, as the only fast food joint, Subway, closed down, and the only fast food joint in sight is a Domino's pizza that recently opened for business.
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