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It's a quiet neighborhood. Great for those who want a good place to get some rest. The neighbors are likable and the place is far enough away from Chicago to be safe but close enough to be in good condition. Many amentities are around 10 mins or less away.
This is a true family community. I have rasied my 2 daughters & a grand-daughter with no issues & all have gone to the local school & 2 daughter went off to college. We are a great community & I LOVE it.
Our public services have been amazing over the years. We have had issues just as any other community have had but, not as bad & the good has out weigh the bad. Public services have been great.
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I don't know a lot of the people to really say to much..
We don't have these parks in our community..
There are a few homes available but, no broad up homes or buildings. We have large back yards to entertain..
Lots of all types of restaurants..
Not much work for this community because there are a lot of retired but, for the young couples that have moved in there are jobs for there children.
My area is a small retired community. Just in the last 5 years young couples are moving in because parents have passed away, had to been hositalized or retired to FL, AZ, etc & left properties to there children.
Things are pretty much okay. Nothing to write home to mom about. Very quite area..
Not a whole lot going on. But the near by areas are having a few issues but, it doesn't affect us.
I have no issues with our current President. No one is perfect.
I'm proud to say where I live we have little to none of the above issues not even on our main streets.
This is a residental area with little to no apartment buildings. All residents have garages & keep there cars in there yard, we keep our lawn up or the village will ticket us as well as garbage. We are policed always & because we area small community our police force don't have much to do so, they can police us more. A very well kept area to live. Have been there many years & I've gone to sleep at nite with my front door open with the screen door locked & have left my back door open so, my teenagers could get in without waking us. There is crime everywhere but, we have been blessed to have no theft or vandalism since I've been there.
In the summer months there are a few more things going on than winter. The residents are members to different community centers. There are a lot of things for the kids to get into after school if they are members.
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