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Downtown Berkeley is viewed as a college town with aspects that make it family friendly. There is always business in downtown Berkeley, but it is the perfect location for transportation.
I enjoy that the city of Berkeley is not very large, therefore getting around isn't difficult. AC Transit, alongside BART make transportation easy. It is also nice to be surrounded by smaller, locally-owned businesses.
There are a variety of personalities in Berkeley. It is extremely diverse and openminded. The city itself is aware of healthy living and you can find yourself randomly strolling into either Whole Foods, or some vegan restaurant.
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Berkeley can be unsafe at times but the culture here is amazing. You can find good food, fun places to shop and can even take a tour of Cal. Housing is pretty expensive, but that is common in most Bay Area cities.
Landlords are absolute scum in this town. No one is addressing the hyper-capitalist landlords. Most of the wealthy types live up in the hills and block development or city projects that are designed to help middle class folks. Those old hippies turned out to be pretty classist in their old age. I also have to mention that as a black male working on my Phd, i've experienced more racism here than where I grew up(SoCal). I know, I was kinda shocked too. I can't really put my finger on it. There's something very anti-African American intellectuals in SF Bay Area culture. It's like i'm breaking their unspoken hierarchy. It makes sense that black people are leaving the Bay Area in droves. All black people feel it here, it's like a strong ocean current trying to pull you into poverty. The history of Oakland and the City, Gentrification, Indians and Chinese being more racist to me than white people is an interesting dichotomy. I was attracted to what Berkeley USED to be.
The streets desperately need to be paved. The streets feel unsafe because there aren't enough street lamps. The city needs to address and take better care of the homeless population.

It is cute and quant. A place that sweet memories can be made if you have the money to afford the luxuries it has to offer.
Berkeley is a very beautiful place to live. Great food, diversity, and just down to earth people. The environment is very relaxing and there's always something fun today.
Berkeley is a great mix of small city energy and unique neighborhood charm. You can find diverse cuisine from all over the world, small boutiques and second-hand shops, local music, extremely colorful residents, and most importantly, a notable lack of big chain fast food and superstores that tend to overwhelm many other US cities.
Berkeley is a beautiful city with loads of lovely hiking trails and tree-lined streets. Go and enjoy the farmer's markets and get some ice cream or boba. There are different neighborhoods with a variety of architecture styles. The University campus if beautiful but can be unsafe. There are amazing bookstores, cafes, coffee, and pubs. Several movie theatres to enjoy with a spectrum of films. The theatre community is rich and diverse, as many people enjoy the Arts community as it is alive in Berkeley.
Good range of restaurants in the city bot there is limited health options. The city is developing very quickly.
Very unique place with lots of activities and culture. Sad to see it becoming such an expensive place to live in
I attend UC Berkeley. The school and campus itself is great. The cost of living and services available to non college students however is severely lacking. As an other student, I tried to find housing not on campus but was unable to find anything affordable and was forced to utilize and live in a dorm. Others are not as fortunate.
Berkeley is a great place and has absolutely everything you could want. There are ample food options, a great downtown area, everything is easily accessible by public transport.
The city is famous for its University of California, Berkeley campus. People here are amicable and willing to help. There are tons of job opportunities but also seas of people to compete for those jobs. Crime rate increases in recent years, so if you come to visit or decide to live here for a while, remember to be extra careful.
Berkeley, CA is a wonderful city. there is many things to do here. Especially since it is in the middle of a lot of cities it is very easy to get around. Public transportation is most of the time very simple and fun. There is always something to do. Most people are very friendly and outgoing. I love that you can go anywhere and you don't really have to worry about anything happening to you. For the most part Berkeley is very calm and a very good place to be staying in. There is so much diversity in the people, and also the food. It is always so wonderful how there are so many restaurants that give really good food and you can really tell that they are trying to show you a piece of their country.
Berkeley us a beautiful, overall inclusive city with great communities surrounding art, music, and education. The only downfall is the growing amount of Cal Berkeley students who are contributing to the housing crisis that is already very predominant in the bay area.
Great place to live, always something to do. Welcome to Berkeley! Rent might be a little high though.
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I found that the city is great for those who consider themselves to be liberal in most things but alienating to those who don't follow liberal opinions in social matters publicly. Meanwhile visible minorities are rare and my wife and I found ourselves to be a bit of an oddity when the group we visibly appear to be with was in the news. I found it somewhat inhospitable for long term living. We left and are quite content with that.

Housing in a reasonable price range is impossible.

Most restaurants close at or even before 9, making it not a very welcoming place for those who might want to have a dinner out with friends at a reasonable (though slightly later) dinner time in varying cultures.

Options for healthy living are the best part of this city.
I have lived in Berkeley my whole life and I love it. It is in a beautiful area and has good weather. It is in a great place because it is near the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Oakland. However, it has now become very expensive.
My neighborhood was actually quite nice, with very low crime rates. However, the cost of living and average rent is beyond what is accessible to those working on a minimum wage.
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