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Bergenfield is a good town to live in because of the high school and safety. It can definitely improve its look and having things to do for residents (stores, better restaurants etc)
The public schools offer a variety of extra circulars for the students but there is not much to do in terms of night life. It is easy to get into the city besides the expected traffic and he parks are nice and help create a safe and very family oriented neighborhood
Bergenfield is cozy and comfortable, but provides access to numerous shops and local businesses. There are a great number of resources at your fingertips. Yet, it is also quiet and friendly. The school district is ranked highly and there is a low crime rate.
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Bergenfield is a quaint town very close to NYC. Getting to NYC is a breeze and you could do it in 30 mins or under depending on traffic. Bergenfield was rated one of the safest towns in NJ in the past years and it's totally true. I feel extremely safe in Bergenfield. Theres not a lot to do in town but we surround a bunch of other great towns with fun stuff to do. The schools are average public schools, but offer a ton of AP classes and do pay for standardized tests such as the SATs. Overall great town.
I've been living in bergenfield for a little over five years. So far, my experience has been great. It's a pretty nice, clean, quiet and safe neighborhood. Living for a little over five year, i have to say i have no complaints. Bergenfield has been treating me well. I like living here because I am very close to the transportations. If i have a car problem, all i have to do is hop on the bus with no problem. Buses comes every ten to fifteen minutes. Another reason why i like bergenfield is when i take a walk during anytime of the day, i feel so safe and sound. So many cops are patrolling all over the neighborhood.
In every corner of the streets, there's a lot of stores, where you can go shopping, grocery shopping and of course, eat at a restaurant with your family and friends.
Change? I would not change anything , i think bergenfield is one of the best and safe place to live in.
Bergenfield is a great commuter town. It is a very diverse and friendly community which I never had a problem with. It is a good mix of upper and lower class families living together in a nice suburb with plenty of nature and activities for families.
Family friendly neighborhood that is close to New York City. There are multiple locations throughout the town which provide access to New York as well as neighboring towns.
Cute little town, can walk to just about anywhere. Just wish there was more to do around here, especially with friends!
relatively quiet neighbourhoods. Lots of close by pharmacies, gas station, restaurants and natural parks.
Bergenfield is a place where someone can call home. Everyone is so welcoming here and no one is left out of place. Being a student in this town for the past 13 years has made me realize a lot about our town . Our town is the only town that has culture and diversity. You could walk into a classroom at Bergenfield High School and Roy W Brown Middle School and see the amount of diversity we have, it is truly beautiful. Bergenfield is known for their marching bands and sports. Bergenfield will truly bring people together because I have met a bunch of amazing people there and I am blessed that I moved here.
The people here are really caring however neighbors are really annoying. Though there are some great qualities about Bergenfield. I love the school here which has a great Education program. Especially for those pursuing music. I actually like the opportunities they give in in the high school here through programs and college reward points.
infrastructure in this area is top class. All streets are well lit. I always walked home from my friends house at night but never seemed to be worried by walking by myself.
Best thing I could say about this area is that it is the best area for raising children. School system is definitely top 100. This town has bunch of activities from sports to music. in addition, this town is also one of the safest and being named top 90 best town to have a family.
Exteriors are nice however inside homes are ugly
Police are really annoying once they came inside without a warrant.
Bergenfield is a very safe town, however the police force can be annoying at times it has a great education system and music program that I've been involved with and had great leadership opportunities in High School like being Lieutenant of the Color Guard
I think the crime is fairly low and the safety in this area is high.
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I like the particular street that I live on because it is quiet. However, I would not choose to live there again if I could do it all over again. Although the quality of living seems to be going up in this town, I have lived here all my life and I need a change. Overall, my experiences in this town have been mostly positive.
The area is extremely safe, and the prevalence of crimes is extremely minimal and rarely occur.
Living in this area is most appropriate and suitable for families desiring to maintain a stable life that will enable them to have their kids grow up in a safe, yet diverse community. All ethnicities and cultures are represented in the town, and the diversity, which is highlighted in the school system, is unparalleled in other surrounding towns. Overall, the town is extremely safe and quiet.
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