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its a great small town area were you feel safe and proud to live.
I'm not really involved with politics. Like I said, I live in the country so access to police/fire stations is limited.
The community is very connected through the high school sports and activities.
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There isn't much diversity since the community generally has a German or European background.
I live out in the country so there isn't a whole lot around me. However, there is a trailer park by me that I find oddly placed.
I live in the country so I don't experience much crime. Within the community, the police respond to all calls and have been very helpful in some personal situations within our household.
There are many fitness centers in the area whether they be 24 hour facilities or tailored to specific activities. I even have a job at a fitness gym which allows me to work out before, during, and after work, or whenever I have time.
There's a multitude of lakes within Minnesota to go to anytime in the summer, but also in the winter for ice fishing and snowmobiling.
It's Minnesota so the winters are rough! You just learn to leave the house earlier to get to school or work, and have emergency materials in your car incase you are stuck.
A small town doesn't have much for those under 21. Bars are open to those who can drink but I haven't experienced any of that.
It's great for teenagers/high schoolers for part time jobs during the school year and summer to earn some work experience and a small amount of income to save for college. However, it's not the best place to be interning or job shadowing for a specific career field.
I live in a small community so they aren't many restaurants that are traditional sit down restaurants. Also, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the nearest mall so it's a little difficult to find things to do on the weekend as a teenager.
This area has attracted many unique restaurants and the food is a favorite around here.
Employment in the area is sufficient, There are many growing industries and local companies with job availability.
Local business in this area is growing and the local shops and business are accommodating to the local need.
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