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Berea is a smallish town that has great roots in the Appalachian culture. There is a strong influence of folk art and music throughout the town life. The only real draw back is that the town is run by the college, understandably though. Without the college the town may not have existed in the way it does today.
Being here since 2012, I've noticed the stark difference between the college community and the community surrounding it. The college can seem quite progressive to the outside community. I wish there was greater understanding between both groups.
Berea is one the quietest cities you can find in the United States of America. My four years have taught me a lot about Bereans: their lifestyles differ from other cities by their sense of humor and love for the mountains. Activities such as hiking, riding a bike, or church going are more common in this area. However, there is no better experience and moment than being located at a place where birds' crying is the only noise that can disturb your hearing. Love Berea!
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I've lived in Berea most of my life and have always had a feeling of fellowship. Recently the city council took away a very popular festival. Most of the city would like for it to be restored.
Small city, neighborhoods are normally quite. There are opportunities to hang out with friends at local areas.
Berea is a great place to experience art, culture, and a different side of Kentucky. It offers lots of great shops and small restaurants that showcase the area. Artists from all over pride themselves on selling their work in Berea because it draws a lot of tourists and locals.
It is a fabulous city with so much culture. Everyone is courteous and kind and you don't have to worry about your safety in this town. Very small town feel, good economy because of the college here, amazing experience.
Berea is a small town in central Kentucky. It is home to Berea College and is also a thriving craft town. The historic Boone Tavern hotel is located in the middle of campus and is a beautiful place that really takes you back in time. The Pinnacle hiking trails are located close by and are a must see. Berea is also located about 30 miles south of Lexington, Kentucky
The most cases of crime in this area is the cause of drugs. I feel the police do a well good job in protecting the city of Berea from harm. Just driving around in town I will pass two or three cop cars and it helps to know that the police station is right in the center of town which makes it easy to access.
I love the place I live in. If I had a chance to live somewhere else I would turn it down and choose Berea all over again. It's a small town and everyone knows each other, which I love. I see in the future that Berea will become more popular and gain more respect because of how far we as a community and town have came.
The safety of the people of my area is very good the police always make sure everyone is safe
The community is very helpful and provides many positive influences that affect the environment
Berea has many police men and women who are always giving their all to contribute to our society. With a community of loving individual and great protection from law enforcers Berea, Kentucky is a place I recommend living.
Things are nice just need to be more organized.
Overall a safe place. You can always see a police car on the road.
Berea is in the heart of Appalachia, which is well known for its improvised communities lacking diversity.Not the best place for minority students. However, there is a lot of good and educated people. I do not see any radical change or improvement in the future.
Tends to be about $600 for rent. Home prices vary.
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Very diverse population secondary to Berea College.
Car break ins happen frequently
I would definitely move here again if I could do it all over. There are more opportunities in this area compared to where my husband and I grew up. Here we have more opportunities for a brighter future. I feel like this area could grow in the future because it isn't far from more populated areas and there are more opportunities to grow.
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