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Greenville is a very peaceful place to live in.
This place is a great place to live in. I went to Berea Elementary, Berea Middle, and Berea High School. The school and place is very diverse and friendly. Recently, people are coming from all over the nation to live here in Greenville.
Crimes occur every now and then in this area. What is most prevalent is car crashes on our interstate and roads. There are several crashes a day and many die from these crashes, including my own peers and those my age.
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The atmosphere for this area is generally welcoming, but the locals tend to be very conservative. Otherwise, there are people of many different races and backgrounds living here because of its growth. I wouldn't want to live the rest of my life here because I would like a change in atmosphere, but it's not a bad place to live.
There is fast food around here and some restaurants.
The neighborhood is pretty calm. Traffic isn't bad.
I would choose to live here again. Best place I know.
There are tons of people with a unique diversity.
Housing is nice. Not many abandon area. Cost is fair
The police do there jobs when they are called on.
There are lots of popular stores around here.
It is very safe. No crime and very peaceful.
People are friendly and neighborly.
We don't really have any attraction. But it's nice
There are so many large business and also self owned.
There are a lot of jobs available here.
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