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never had a problem and I've gone to school here my whole k-12 life. The school district is very good for getting you ready for college. As the years past I'm starting to notice Berea becoming a little more diverse.
Lived in Berea, when I was in high school. Most the time Berea was a nice area and had beautiful places to visit, like Coe Lake, BW college and also downtown Berea. I really enjoyed living here
Berea is a quaint college town with a university campus. Many buildings/ houses around are from an older era. Traffic is a nuisance but there is interesting areas nearby to explore.
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Berea is a cute college town, it is very well kept up and pretty. There are plenty of food options and things to keep you busy. We are also close to cleveland if you are looking for nightlife or simply want to experience the "big city" atmosphere.
Its a great area...good neighborhood. The schools are good, everything is close by. The best part of Berea is the Metro-parks system. I myself am a runner so my dog and I frequent it quiet often.
Berea is a very family-friendly town, it's a great place for young children to move into to have an easy transition into school life. Houses are close but not too close and with quiet streets, kids can play sun-up to sun-down.

Parks are clean and there are lakes and ponds to fish and swim in. There is always a green area for a nice family pinic.
Berea is a small college town. There parks year with lots of trees water places to play games they also have a lot of activities in the summertime to do for free alive for children lay also I have the art festival year ever year they also have a huge city-wide rummage sale let's fun there are a lot of things to do in Berea is no it's not so very large community I really like living here
I just moved to berea in April of this year and we enjoy the city. We have small children and there seems like its always something to get into with the kids especially now that summer is approaching.
I have lived in Berea my entire life, and I love it here. It is a cute, quiet little family town. We always have so many activities and community events going on. Definitely recommend for families! Right next to the beautiful metro parks as well.
Berea is a terrific town that is home to Baldwin Wallace University. It has very beautiful area. Coe, Baldwin, and Wallace lakes are all near the Metroparks and are always beautiful to go look at if you are having a bad day. The triangle has many small, locally owned businesses such as Igloos and Boca Loca. Some of the streets could do with some pothole filling however they are not as bad as some other places. All in all, it is a terrific place to live so far in my experience.
Berea is a quaint little suburb of Cleveland. I would also consider it a college town. Baldwin Wallace University takes up a good portion of this city. It takes about 20 minutes to get to downtown Cleveland when there is no traffic. It is a very safe area and the people are very kind, you can feel the sense of community. There are quite a few good, local restaurants. The metroparks are easily accessible and nice to adventure through on warm days. Overall I rate Berea, OH 4 out of 5 stars.
Loved living here. Grew up here, moved back to raise a family. Wish I could have stayed, but unfortunately we had to relocate for work
Berea is a nice and small community. I enjoy that the places I frequent often and my job is a very close commute. People are very nice and friendly in the area.
I enjoy the atamosphere of the city. It has a very inviting feel to it and has a wonderful Metroparks system.
It is a small town near Cleveland. Baldwin Wallace College is the center piece of the area. Pretty quiet area with quite a few dining options available.
I have lived and gone to school in Berea for 4 years and it has been a great place to live. I have thoroughly enjoyed the welcoming, family friendly atmosphere and the easy access to local businesses. The town is clean and quiet and has very nice scenery for running outdoors.
Berea is a great place to live due to the close proximity to the Cleveland Metro Parks. Further, Berea offers a variety of restaurants and bars and is a great place to live. It is a great place for someone who wants to live in Cleveland, but does not want to be in the heart of the city.
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The schools in Berea are dedicated to bettering the student's lives and challenging them to perform at the best of their abilities. There are many things to do here whether it be places to eat, shop or even take a walk in the metro-parks.
I really enjoy living in Berea, Ohio. It has everything we need. It is a small college town with restaurants, bars, and stores within walking distance. The Cleveland Metroparks and the Rocky River are basically right outside my back door. It is also very close to the airport. The houses are older, but built well with a lot of character.
The last time there was a serious crime in the neighborhood was back in the 80's when a teenage girl got murdered. Most people who live her don't even know about it. No one talks about it. If the police do show up its kept quiet so people don't hears it and gets disturbed. The police are very respectful. The police are very close to this neighborhood so the response time is great. Also a Strongsville police officer lives on my street which makes us feel reasly safe.
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