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Bentonville is home to the Wal-Mart home office. The schools are amazing and the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art is located there. Bike trails are abundant and it's perfect to raise a family.
Bentonville has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants and activities. Every Saturday in the summer there is a farmers' market going on down on the square downtown, and in the spring, Bentonville hosts a film festival that has drawn some big names.
I love the small town feel but also there is so much to do. I love the school pride, Go Tigers! It's a great and safe place to raise a family
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Bentonville is a great, family-friendly place. People still treat each other with kindness and development has stayed true to that small town feel in many of the historic areas like the old square. But business is also booming with new restaurants, shopping venues, and services. Only downside is infrastructure has had hard time keeping up with the growth so traffic can be an issue.
I really like Bentonville because it's cute little town in the beautiful state of Arkansas where you can go hiking, to art museums, restaurants, shopping, etc. It's got so much in a small vicinity that driving 20 minutes is considered a long drive. It is a consumerist community where there are many big brand names but there are also small local foods, shops and art. One thing that I do want a change in Bentonville is that there countless number of things to do for children and adults but nothing in between. There aren't that many attractions for teenagers. But it is very family friendly and community oriented. Everybody is welcome and can easily make a new friend almost daily.
I relocated to the NW Arkansas area about a year and a half ago. Depending on what you are accustom to and what you are willing to pay the move could be some what difficult. Basically- they can't build it fast enough! The nature here is absolutely breathtaking! If you are looking for a career move this is the place.
Bentonville is a really nice place to live in especially if you're looking for a town that's chill and calm. It also has a lot of trails for all sorts of people that I personally enjoy.
The downtown area is my favorite area in Bentonville. There are plenty of local restaurants to try and plenty of family friendly events to go to. There is a small park just off of the square, a water park just north of the square, and the walking trails at crystal bridges connect right into the downtown area
Bentonville, AR is a quaint community in North West AR. It is the corporate home of Wal-Mart and offers up and coming professionals access to superb housing, theater, restaurants, and outdoor sports.
Bentonville is a nice place to live, and with the Walmart home-office, there are lots of nice businesses and parks. It is pretty safe and there are quite a few areas were you can still be in town but feel like you are in nature. The biggest downsides are that people are always coming in and out for work, and there aren't a whole lot of activities and events going on.
Bentonville is a small town in an urban area that is not boring! Lots of parks and museums for all ages, quiet neighborhoods, nature trails, and home to Crystal Bridges the Museum of American Art.
There are many jobs to be had in this area. The housing cost is however very high. There is very little to do in the town itself after 10 pm. Most places are closed, so if your a night owl you have nothing to do. There is a museum with trails, and lots of city parks. Small businesses seems to not last very long here.
I absolutely love the atmosphere of Bentonville. I moved here over the summer and have loved having so many options for things to do. Of course Crystal Bridges is amazing but the square is by far my favorite thing in Bentonville.
I love bentonville because of all the great outdoor activities. The mayor is awesome, we have to best bike trails, and the square is amazing. The people are so friendly!
Bentonville is a great up and coming city. You can visit the famous crystal bridges museum or go to an abundance of family friendly places.
small town with all the things you do most close by, people are friendly. 1st Friday night of every month the have a family night on the Bentonville square nice to get out meet new people & run into friends its a must do for the 1st Friday of the month check it, food, music, people!
I moved to Bentonville in 2014 from a rural area in Northeast OK. It is amazing how in just the short amount of time I have been here I have seen this town grow significantly. The growth has been primarily that of business partners of the world's largest retailer, Wal-mart. As per their guidelines and requirements any vendor that enters into a business relationship with Wal-mart must have a satellite office located in the Northwest Arkansas area. Along with the growth of these corporations, there has naturally been an increase in population and economic growth such as restaurants and retailers. Known as the 'OZ' of Arkansas, it's exciting to be part of one of the fastest growing towns in the state. Definitely a place to visit when making a trip to the Natural State.
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Bentonville is becoming a mecca for people of all ages, races, and religions. Throughout this former small town there are so many things to do. There is the old time square with it's redeveloped Walton museum, coffee shops galore, retro restaurants, and nature trails less than a block away. Moving further around the town, Crystal bridges has become a marquee destination that appreciates the finer aspects of American art. For the adventurous folks, parks are abundant where you least expect them and bike trails can be found just north in Bella Vista!
High school here was full of opportunities to take unusual classes such as horticulture, greenhouse management, and zoology
Crystal Bridges is a world renowned museum that is free to the community.
The community is very family friendly. There are many free places to spend time such as the splash pad during the summer, parks, and the ice rink.
I have lived here almost my whole life. It's a growing city but has a lot to offer to just about anyone. There is so much to do here and the surrounding citys have so much to do as well. Traffic is bad at certin times but you learn how to deal with it and when you need to leave to get from place to place. Over all I say Bentonville is a nice city to live in or near.
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