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I've enjoyed living in my neighborhood. The houses are cute and the community is close knit. There are a few houses that go on the market every once in a while but those houses are generally sold a few months later.
This is a small town so it is relatively easy to meet and get to know people. These people are usually very kind and respectful. My neighborhood in particular is friendly. My parents are often involved with the other parents in the neighborhood and the elementary children often play together.
Millersburg is a safe town. The town is relatively small with very few businesses around so the crime rate is fairly low. While living in Millersburg I've never felt unsafe or worried about crime in the area.
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I have lived in Millersburg with my family for about three years now. While I am away at college during the school I always like to come back and spend time at home. The town is quite small and the people are generally friendly. The people in town are generally conservative. There are a few local businesses but nothing to extravagant. Overall Millersburg is a small, peaceful, town.
I live in the country so not much crime happens where I live.
This is the place that I grew up in and the community and area is very safe. I love it here.
We have great places, one of my favorites being steak and shake!
A lot of people have factory jobs and jobs with the RV industry.
Honestly I really like where I live. Not to dirty, and not too extravagant. It's quite nice!
It is generally cold in the winter and hot in the summer but it can be extremely unpredictable, especially in the spring and fall.
The majority of people in this area work in factories or for large franchises. These are good jobs but not necessarily ones that we dream of.
Downtown Goshen has some great stores but the big franchises are still prominent.
We do not have very bike friendly roads at all in this area. Everything needs to basically be traveled by car. There are a lot of crazy drivers sometimes that just do not pay attention. I would love to run and walk outside but I feel so unsafe having to walk on the roads since there is no place to walk or ride your bike on a sidewalk. There is one bus that travels around town but that is at least 15 min away and they do not travel to my area. So most of the time, traveling by car is the only option.
We do not hear of too many crimes happening around this area but recently there have been some murders and crimes that came out of nowhere. That was a scary encounter and I did not feel safe. Also, there are been some reports of child molesters near my area and that is a bit of a concern to me, especially if I were to be home alone. Other than those couple of things, it is nearly family friendly and a great location to be in.
Where I am from, we get each and every season. Spring, summer, fall and winter. It can be beautiful when the weather is nice. In the spring, the rainfall and storms are exciting, sometimes scary when we can possibly get tornadoes, but that is not too much of a concern. Summers are beautiful, and the lakes are enjoyable where I live. Summers can be insanely hot normally but when you have a pool or lake, it is beautiful. The fall time is my favorite, the weather is perfect, the leaves changing colors is always beautiful as well. Winter is my absolute least favorite, but our winters can vary big time. Some winters we have so much snow we are not able to drive on roads because of the conditions, other winters we might not get too much snow. It all depends. It can be beautiful though if you enjoy a white snowfall.
Specifically where I live, there is not a huge variety of different restaurants and bars that you can go to. Definitely not bars. We have some regular restaurants like Applebee's and Chili's, well known ones like that but nothing that I have not heard of. The bar and nightlife is not that known in this area. It is a fairly mid sized town and do not have areas where there is clubbing.
There are definitely job opportunities in the area but more factory related. There are not many varieties in the area and I do not feel like I would find a job that I would love doing here for the rest of my career and life. Being in an area with a lot of health job opportunities would be ideal for me.
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My town is okay. I am kind of on the outside of the main town but we do not have very many things in Goshen to do besides like bowling and the movies. I have to travel about an hour two different ways to get to a large town for shopping and many other fun downtown things. The town I live in is more of a small hometown feel and I would love to move to a city a little bigger and that has some exciting things to do downtown with friends.
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