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Crimes do exist. There is a larger group of lower social economic status population which this population often times resort to theft.
Small, mid-west college community. Is a good play for kids to grow up in. See the town slowly growing throughout the future.
Our town has a variety of trailers, apartments, houses and a few really big houses. most people keep their house clean and ready for visitors
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people in this area are very accepting in certain aspects. Some people are completely accepting and others are insatiable in trying to find fault in others, but overall most people are very friendly and do the right thing.
Safety is a huge thing for younger children to younger teenagers. police work very hard to keep our town safe and withholding the law. Our town has not had a murder in many years and I believe it to be very safe for people to live in.
Kirksville is an amazing town to live in. Most people are easy to get along with and are willing to help others. I have lived here my whole life and I have loved living here. There are wonderful people living here, and I would gladly recommend for people to live here.
It is a good place to raise kids. Overall I would say it is safe. There are not a lot of job opportunities and few things to do and places to meet new people but the people in the community are very nice and good people.
The weather here is most often at a very moderate temperature, occasionally reaching extreme highs and lows, but most often relatively sunny.
Most if not all restaurants in this area serve great quality food.
Most businesses in the area are often actively hiring, but most jobs in this area don't pay much above minimum wage, and some businesses don't provide insurance or employee benefits.
The area that I live in has many of the average American corporations residing in it, such as Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Home Depot, etc. And all of these places always have everything I'm looking for, and from multiple visits to various stores, I have a pretty good idea of where to go to get what I want.
There are occasionally local events. If you want to find more things to do, it's best to consult with the local university for ideas about events to attend.
I've never felt unsafe around town but it's always wise to keep your wits about you just you would do anywhere else in the world.
The weather is not bad, it's not the mildest weather that you will experience but if you dress accordingly it should not be a problem. The town can sometimes run out of funds to pay for the streets to be cleared of snow during the winter. It tends to rain and storm during the spring, I'd recommend you bring your rain boots.
It depends on when you're job hunting. Many jobs open up between semesters when some college students graduate and there are plenty to pick from if you're looking for a job for the summer because most college students leave town during break.
In my opinion, you're better off cooking for yourself at home if you're looking for a nice meal. However, there many well-known fast food chains and a handful of locally run restaurants.
What you can't find from businesses around town, you can order online to your doorstep. There isn't much variety in the types and quality of food you can find here.
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